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  • The White Rose Propaganda

    students who recognized the evil of Hitler’s regime, created the White Rose society (U.S. Holocaust Museum). Beginning in the year of 1942, members of the group began producing and distributing leaflets filled with Hans’ words of defiance against what he called the “irresponsible clique” (Hans Scholl, Leaflet 1) that had gained control of Germany. To many Germans, the mere thought of resistance was seen as quixotic as any action of a German citizen was carefully monitored by the government;…

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  • Populism In The 1890s

    came together to form their own independent political party which they called the People 's Party, or in other terms often referred to as the Populist Party. The party was a result of multiple social movements which occurred due to the changes in the American economy and its society (American Populism: An Overview of Populism). The Populist Party meant that they worked for reform, they would do this by trying to influence the two major parties of this era, the Democrats and the…

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  • Albert Speer Personality Essay

    Personality Study: Albert Speer “Describe THREE key events that were influential in the rise to prominence of the personality you have studied.” Albert Speer joined the Nazi party due to an intense reaction to the personal nature of Hitler's call to arms. While Speer was working at a university in Berlin, Hitler came to address the students and teachers. Speer was immediately impressed by the blue suit Hitler wore because how he presented himself was completely different to the…

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  • The Jacksonian Period

    during a reign as president, for better or worse, leave an impact on U.S. history. The greatest, or worst, of these reigns get their special names and place because of the actions done greatly affected the U.S. in some way. The Jacksonian Period was called the era of the “common man” and lived up to this through economic development, politics, and reform movements. The economic development during the Jacksonian period helped it live up to the title the era of the “common man.” In 1830 Jackson…

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  • Prisoner's Dilemmas

    I argue that the creation of political parties in the United States Congress both addresses and enhances the collective action issues known as the prisoner’s dilemma, agency loss, and the tragedy of the commons, due to their constant clashes of ideological ambitions. The formation of Congress was most likely the first act of collective action before the official constitution was drafted. Two opposing sides, one the heavily populated states argued for a legislative body based on population. And…

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  • Populism In The Gilded Age Essay

    liberal movement? Focus of Editing: Passive tense and Word Choice In the Gilded Age, as in any American political era, two polar views of the government 's role and power existed, conservatives and liberals. During the Gilded age, conservatives, then called classical liberals, held a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals, including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets, as well as limited government. This ideology ran rampant in the Gilded age, as…

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  • Hillary Clinton Compare And Contrast

    Clinton, the liberal progressive Democrat, and Donald Trump, the constitutionally conservative Republican, are in the midst of the campaign to lead this country. One of them will be the next President of the United States. The Republican Party was formed in 1854. The party believes in a smaller federal government that should…

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  • Gustav Stresemann: A Significant Figure In German History

    I believe that Gustav Stresemann was a significant figure in German history because, he negotiated to receive American loans under the Dawes Plan, and he also invented the Rentenmark, and he also accepted the Treaty of Versailles. Gustav felt that Germany could make progress in Europe by accepting The Treaty of Versailles. Stresemann was Chancellor of Germany, but he only served for a couple of months. Gustav Stresemann was the German Chancellor for only a short-term and was a leading member of…

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  • George Orwell 1984 Essay

    History has a tendency of repeating itself. Citizens of a country should become aware of what may happen to society if the wrong history were to repeat. Many works of literature work towards progressing society and making the human life a better place, George Orwell attempted just that. Orwell’s 1984 is a satire on totalitarian governments of the East in order to warn the West of its consequences. 1984 is a novel set in a dystopian society, well, dystopian only to non-socialist nations.…

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  • Reagan Revolution Dbq Analysis

    Political turmoil and reconstruction of the Republican Party was prominent throughout the Reagan Revolution. Although the “new age” conservative ideas gained immense support during the years of the Reagan Revolution, the foundation for the "reinvented conservative platform" were actually paved by previous iconic conservatives, Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. President Reagan’s idea of the breaking the dependence of the citizens of the United States on the Government could be seen throughout…

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