Donner-Reed Party Research Paper

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The Donner-Reed Party is a bunch of brave people ready to begin a dangerous journey to freedom. For many people's' freedom meant many things for some it can mean a new life, others a new place to live, and for other and adventure. The Donner-Reed Party was led by the George and Jacob Donner and James Reeds these men were up for a new life. The Donner and Reed's family came along on this journey with them for support, love, and for an adventure. One day on the journey, one of the guides never arrived and made it which was difficult to know where to go. Since the guide didn’t show up and it caused a lot of conflict. Two men got into a fight, one of them killed the other and he was punished (McAndrew 36). The Donner-Reed Party was a group of emigrants traveling to California, along the journey the Donner-Reed Party encountered many obstacles …show more content…
During the journey many people were forced to leave things behind. When people are forced to leave something they loved behind they were really hurt. However not only did they have to leave things behind during the journey they ran low on so many things. The Donner-Reed Party was running low on foods. Besides for food the Party was also running low on water. This caused some animals to run away and may die, but it wasn't just animals it was also people. “There was not enough water, and many of the animals died from thirst or ran away (McAndrew 36).” Also some of the members of the Donner-Reed Party were forced to become a cannibals (McGlashan 1). In addition The Donner-Reed Party had an early winter. Winter starts in October when it really wasn’t supposed to start until a few months later. This early winter caused the Donner-Reed Party to get stuck and snow. The early winter also caused the Donner-Reed Party to get trapped in the mountains (McAndrew 36) . With so many dangers it’s hard to have hope your safe or going to make it out this journey

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