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  • Rip Van Winkle American Dream Analysis

    “Rip Van Winkle” was an iconic short story that was written by Washington Irving, in June, 1818. It was so well-known that almost every child in the United States has read it or heard about it once in their lifetime. Irving creates a simple-minded and easygoing character named Rip Van Winkle. He was cherished by the community, but his wife henpecks him day and night because of his carefree attitude. However, Irving’s illustration of Rip does not encompass the true reality of the “American Dream”…

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  • Mythological Characteristics Of Rip Van Winkle

    the reasons Van Winkle likes to go to the mountains where he meets the creatures who eventually lead him to fall asleep. With these characters we as the audience realize that this story is meant to feel out of proportion. The creatures also rarely talk in the story, creating a tone of mystery. A central theme of the story is the inevitability of change. These characters help push that theme. Dame Winkle’s over-the-top nagging pushes him to go to the mountains were the creatures lead him to…

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  • Appalachi A Sub-Cultural Analysis

    Throughout this course we’ve examined Appalachia as a separate and distinct region within the United States. The question of whether it’s a subculture or a colony is rather muddy at best. The Oxford Dictionary defines subculture as: “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture”. While this is true of Appalachia to some degree, the problem lies within its geographical area and the large number of subcultures that live in…

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  • Colorado Gold Rush Analysis

    Ones the miners start to move up to the mountains into Golden, Blackhawk and Central City those are were the place where the miners would be more successful on finding more gold. The author’s state: As many 25,000 entered the mountains between April and October by ear-ly about 10,000 remained in Colorado by early August 2,000 in Denver a few hundred in Golden, and most of the remainder engaged in the moun-tain placer operations or ever deepening lode mines. As late as September more than 2,000…

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  • Summary: The Adirondack Forest Preservation Act

    Prior to the 19th century, the idea of ‘wilderness’ was associated with desolation and an incredible fear of the unknown. This can mostly be attributed to early Christianity; in the Bible all things ‘wild’ were of hellish nature and meant only unpredictable darkness. It wasn’t until the beginning of the American romantic movement that this perception began to shift in the wake of great minds such as Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Fenimore Cooper, Thomas Cole, and many other…

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  • Comic Relief In The Hobbit

    wolves chase the company into the trees, and Gandalf shoots fire down at them, but the trees caught on fire as the fire spread. The song excerpt shows readers a small scene about what will happen later. As the company started to travel on the Misty Mountains, the elves in the trees started to sing, “O! Will you be staying, or will you be flying? Your ponies are straying! The daylight is dying! To fly would be folly, to stay would be jolly…” (48) When the elves sing about the company “flying”,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Adirondacks

    because it is home to all of the tallest mountains in the park. The mountains are incredibly beautiful, the views from their tops exceedingly spectacular. They are just waiting to be climbed. Indeed, in the last decade hiking in the High Peaks has doubled, leading to issues with some of the more popular, accessible mountains being over-crowded. Many of the people who climb in the park aspire to be 46ers, a term for someone who has climbed the 46 mountains in the Adirondacks that are over 4,000…

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  • Uncontrollable Change In Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle

    I believe Washington Irving’s purpose for writing “Rip Van Winkle” was to express the simple concept of uncontrollable change. To express change Irving used a clever fairy tale, drenched in historical truths. Reading Rip was entertaining, but unlocking the depth was not simple. My conclusion is this: on the individual level change is inevitable, the world is a moving place, but we have a choice, we can either change with it or stay the same, and even with that it is still up to the community to…

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  • Individuality And Nature In Rip Van Winkle

    How does Irving incorporate at least three of these mythical-story characteristics into "Rip Van Winkle"? What is the impact of these characteristics on the story or on the reader’s experience of the story? Two very good questions that will soon be answered. In this essay, You will learn about Rip Van Winkle; a man who loved nature and zoning out. You will also read the brilliant writing style of Washington Irving, and how it pulls the reader in. The three characteristics in Rip Van Winkle…

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  • The French And Indian War: The Colonization Of America

    The expansion to America across the Atlantic Ocean was a significant historical breakthrough at the time. Even though, half millennium before Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered America in 1492, Vikings where the first to set foot on the North American loam by their leader Leif Eriksson. The discovery of the new world was viewed by many world power country leaders as not only a financial opportunity but also control the flow of precious materials and trade goods coming out of the…

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