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  • Arguments Against Women In Combat

    Women in Combat In the United States, equality is strived for, but what happens when equality becomes more of a political standard that bleeds into the aspect of American society that is rightfully separated from their civilian counterparts for the greater good? What might be right for the American civilian may be devastating for the American warfighter. For instance, it is debated that women shouldn’t be present in combat. For women outside the military, it was acclaimed as a step toward true…

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  • Women's Roles In Ww1

    New Technologies A big chemical weapon was used with chemical gases. The chlorine and mustard gases would burn, blind, and kill enemies or anyone who happened to be exposed. Tanks used as well at this time. Tanks could cross onto treacherous territory, and over barbed wire fences of the enemy's land. The most used WW1 weapon was the automatic gun. Automatic guns made it easier for the soldiers to spend less time reloading and more valuable time shooting at the enemies. Machine guns as well as…

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  • Prisoners Of Geography Summary

    Tim Marshall’s main focus in writing the book, “Prisoners of Geography” is to introduce the concept of geopolitics. He explains how the location and certain geographical features affect politics, especially international relationships. To further elaborate on this topic he includes historical examples to show how the geography affects trade, conflict, and a countries’ economy. Seeing that there are 195 countries in the world and over 4,000 religions, conflict is bound to break out sometime.…

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  • Should Women Be Allowed To Work In Combat

    The debate on women serving in combat positions seems to remain unresting in the United States. Considerations and measurements have been taken seriously towards this issue to figure out whether females are able to fit in such a tough environment of the military. Although women are currently accepted to join the army, doubts, worries and disagreements about this are continue to take place. This is because many people believe that females are feminine, weak and emotional, so they are not brave…

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  • Military Summer Camp Analysis

    lack of attention shown to Hungarian Defense Forces or called Honvédelem. Many statistics show that the criticism has truth behind it. The Hungarian Military overall, counting the Air Force, Special Forces, etc… have overall 20,000 personnel of a nation that has just under 10 million as their population. Not mentioning the military budget of 1.03 Billion US Dollars. Also not mentioning that the Hungarian Ground Forces use 1960s. The Hungarian Air Force also uses 1970’s era aircraft. Looking at…

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  • War Dog Research Paper

    40 years. In the US, dogs are utilized in a lot of different sections of the government. Dogs are used to “sniff” out drugs, bombs, scents from missing people, etc. War dogs are used as: patrol dogs, messenger dogs, mine dogs, casualty dogs, tunnel dogs and, sentry dogs, and more. Dogs are even used as morale boosters in military hospitals. Dogs are put in a dangerous line of work to help the military but is it humane? While these dogs do receive “top veterinary care”, they are forced to work…

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  • Second Amendment Research Paper

    weapons of any threat to national security. The anti-federalists argued that the federal control over militia could take away from the states the principle means of defense against federal oppression and usurpation, Besides the advantage of being Armed ,which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which people are attached and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of…

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  • Disadvantages Of Mandatory Military

    more countries choosing to adopt a volunteer only military service. This is especially in the case of young men and women being drafted. Mandatory military service is defined as the compulsory drafting and committing of civilians to join the military forces or otherwise be penalised by law. Proponents of mandatory service argue that adopting voluntary only military is a danger to national security. In contrast,…

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  • The Korean War Analysis

    The Korean War was the last American conflict involving segregated units of the armed forces. African Americans served in all combat and combat support roles during the Korean War and were involved in all major combat operations. By the end of the Korean War, more than 600,000 African Americans had served in the military (Clay, 1987).…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Women In The Military

    According to Urban Dictionary, gender neutrality is when one “avoid[s] giving roles to genders and sexes in schools, the workplace, places of worship and other institutions” (Urban Dictionary). In the United States military, 15% of its soldiers are female, but there are still restrictions in specific occupations in the military that prevent women from qualifying for the job, one of those positions is direct ground combat. Since 1994 women have been prevented from serving in direct combat…

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