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  • Invisible War Reflection

    Monday: Being a part of a military family means being a part of a community and network of people across the United States and world. Being a member of this group of people creates a special bond that outsiders may not fully understand. It can be difficult for civilians to understand that military members of service would choose to fight in a war that no one truly knows anything about. With modern technology, we can see that violence is a large part of war, but the battles our members of service…

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  • Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Hercules

    Beowulf, an Old English Poem, is a story of a Swedish hero who kills monsters. Beowulf, the main character, was a young, fearless leader in the beginning. Beowulf was seen as a hero of the Geats who had tremendous strength and courage. His courage led him to fight off evil monsters. Hercules, son of Zeus and Alcmene, was a Greek God of Thebes. Hercules had tremendous strength and endurance. His stepmother, Hera, made Hercules childhood difficult. She was jealous of his tremendous strength and…

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  • Military Downfall

    The Slow Downfall of the U.S.A. Imagine that the world has entered into a war with no predictable outcome. Countries fighting against one another with no clear sides or allies. The U.S. is nowhere to be found on the battlefields, in the skies, or even in the sea. What could have happened to the powerhouse with the strongest military in the world? Because of weakening foreign relations, decreases in the protection of America, and the negative effects on the families of those who serve in…

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  • Beowulf Qualities Of An Epic Hero

    In the story of Beowulf, he exhibits the qualities of a superhuman. This superhuman fights 3 different monsters for the good of the Danes and the Geats. The determined warrior described for his love of glory and his loyalty fights till the very end for his country. Displayed by courage seen that Beowulf shows different qualities from other soldiers and deserves the title of epic hero. The main protagonist has the attributes of an epic hero through his hero qualities, his weakness and the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Women Should Be On The Front Lines

    fighting on the front lines in combat you think of males, because they 're normally on the army posters. Women can make a big difference in the armed forces and contribute as well as the men. Vernice Armour says, "Bottom line is if you can do the job, you should be out there doing or a woman" (picture caption). Women were band from the military in 1994 but in 2013, Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempseysign a memorandum ending the 1994 ban on women serving in combat roles in the…

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  • Women's Role In The Military Analysis

    I believe the military is one of the best places for a person to find out who they are. The military will break you down as an individual and build you up as a member of the team.” She also went on to say that she believes everyone should go into some branch of the military for a while, it makes people more self-sufficient and confident. The fact that she faced so many challenges, so much discrimination, and flat-out hatred…

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  • Beowulf And Achilles Comparison

    Do you fight for glory and to protect others or do you fight for yourself and for vengeance? Epic heroes, Beowulf and Achilles, are such people that fight for these principles/ ideals. Many people know about Beowulf and Achilles and their epic stories, but many people do not know how different they are. Beowulf fights for others and for glory, while Achilles fights for vengeance. Beowulf is an epic hero that many people know as the strongest man in the world, but many don’t know why he fights.…

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  • Honor Has Changed Over Time Essay

    The definition of honor can vary from person to person, but honor is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as good name or public esteem. Many people see honor as pride and being willing to fight for something, and that is definitely part of it. Honor has changed over time, and that isn’t necessarily good or bad. Honor has conveyed different meanings over time, from the 1800s to now, and is definitely different from culture to culture. Honor has demarcated itself from what it used to be, in big ways…

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  • Remember The Dog In The Night Time Analysis

    their treasured football tradition. Although racism is heavily addressed throughout the film, the purpose of it is much more than that, it’s the realisation that of we are able to put our diversities in culture behind us, we can work together as a team, as a community. After arrival at the camp and Coach Boones buddy system is put into place, Julius begins putting a Black Power salute poster on the wall. Gary gets irritated by this and tells him to take it down “I ain't looking at that for two…

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  • Comparing Beowulf's Behavior In The Movie And Poem

    Beowulf- one of the major character in the movie and poem which is a Geatish hero who fights the monster Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a fire-breathing dragon. Beowulf is the prince of the Geats and hears about Hrothgar’s trouble. He gathered fourteen of the bravest Geat warriors and sets sail from his home in southern Sweden. The geats are greeted by the members of Hrothgar’s court, and Beowulf boasts to the king of his previous successes as a warrior, particularly his success in fighting sea…

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