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  • Reminiscence Bump Essay

    The reminiscence bump: why America's greatest year was probably when you were young Guardian's news covers Taylor, Garry and Burton-Wood's research from 2017.During his campaign, Donald Trump had promised American citizens to make America great again. But in which year America was great? How do people decide which year was the greatest? Taylor and his colleagues investigated these questions by taking into consideration the literature on the reminiscence bump. In his interview with New York…

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  • Kasich Defiant By Ted Cruz Analysis

    We begin with Gabriel Trip’s, "Kasich Defiant as G.O.P. Presses Him to Quit Race to Thwart Trump." This article tells us of Republicans hopes for Kasich to drop out of the race and back Sen. Ted Cruz. It is believed by Republicans that Sen. Cruz has a better chance at beating Donald Trump in the presidential race than Kasich does. However, Kasich has refused to pull himself from the race stating “[…] he, not the Texas senator, was the best option to stop Mr. Trump.” (Paragraph 2) This argument…

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  • NSA Surveillance Pros And Cons

    will be making changes to who the government spies on (Childress). This has also caused the President to be more informed on what the NSA is doing. Many Americans find relief in this because they trust the President. Recently, Congress has discussed bills that would increase the NSA’s collective powers, but would limit it to only specifically targeted or threatening people (Wanlund). Obama shows a strong hand when it comes to doing what the American people want. He recently overrode a policy to…

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  • Government Performance Evaluation System

    Background: Previous Program Evaluation Paths The Clinton Administration acknowledged that agencies and departments were inefficient and lacked oversight of outcomes. The administration consequently passed the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GRPA 93), giving government officials a tool to begin to properly manage outcome assessment of programs. The Act called for all federal agencies to develop five-year strategic plans with long-term goals. The agencies had to submit annual…

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  • President Bush 9/11 Speech Analysis

    The word “terrorism”, breaking such a peaceful silence, can cause the people around you to look at you with a naked eye and a distasteful frown. Terms like these have no good reputation behind them, more likely, they strike fear into civilians and even the higher-ups. Nowadays, we know certain people and/or group(s) who wield “terror” known as terrorists and use it for the worst of things, all resulting into more chaos and tragedy. To be more specific, these results pertain to blowing up a…

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  • Surgeon Advertisement Analysis

    In the contemporary political battleground, advertising campaigns can prove an invaluable weapon; they allow candidates to present their views and opinions in front of a large audience, and also confers upon them the opportunity to denounce opponents without the worry of an immediate rebuttal. To heighten their effectiveness, many politicians chose to incorporate children into advertisements, with the intent of manipulating their inherently innocent nature to invoke powerful emotions from the…

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  • Reaction Paper About The Movie Game Change

    The 2008 elections broke down many barriers for minorities in the United States; the word minority is referring to women and black people. This was the first time a woman, Sarah Palin was chosen as a running mate for vice-president as well as the first election where a black man, Barack Obama became popular enough to win the presidential race. The movie Game Change is a non-fiction film that follows Barack Obama’s opponent John McCain as he is running his campaign and the choices his campaign…

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  • Hillary Clinton Photo Analysis

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most talked about people in America today. One major reason is because she could possibly become the 1st woman president of the United States this year. As we all know Hillary Clinton is a busy person, no matter the time, place, or event. Earlier this year a photo of The Secretary of The United States, possibly texting on her phone in public surfaced the web. Even though Hillary Clinton was not dressed professionally and was wearing shades, which tells that she was…

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  • Low College Tuition Research Paper

    High college tuition is a dilemma for those with the strive for higher education but they are unable to afford the costs of it. This leaves many people working with only minimum wage jobs, which is also a struggle for them especially if they have bills to pay and a family to support. In addition to this, it is very complex to live off of minimum wage for one’s entire life in today’s economy. Every year, inflation is constantly on the rise. This concept makes it more difficult to afford the…

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  • Democrats Vs Republicans Essay

    and Medicaid to support people that are in poverty, or just in need period. They feel that more of our tax dollars should be taken to fund these types of programs. In 1996 a welfare reform bill was created to assist low-income families across the country. Clinton did state that she wanted to look at this bill again, and reexamine it. There was talk about drug-testing those who receive benefits, as well as limit benefits after a certain number of children, in an attempt to prevent those with…

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