Steve Kelley's Cartoon Analysis

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teve Kelley 's cartoon depicts a current day Bill Clinton, who is up to his usual antics, and declaring that he will fight for his wife 's protection. This political, single frame cartoon is about how Bill Clinton hears about the scandals that his wife is undergoing and how he wants to help her out while he is in bed with another woman. However, when you remove the covers this image becomes much larger than that.
At first glance the viewer notices Bill Clinton lying next to a woman with a newspaper reading "EMAIL SCANDAL DEEPENS". What really catches the audience’s attention is the fact that the woman reveals that she is not Bill 's wife. This shocking revelation divulges that while Bill is going "under cover" with another woman, his wife is under fire. This causes the audience to realize how much of the Clinton life is really unknown, even amongst themselves, as private emails are being leaked, and Bill with his, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" while extending an extra-long finger for what reasons it is being used for is completely unrelated. Of course by now the viewer is questioning themselves if Bill actually loves his wife. At the same time the audience realizes that Ms. Lewinsky is no longer being paid for
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The events that came together for this cartoon to be made are the allegations against Clinton 's personal affairs, and Hillary Clinton 's private email scandal which contained her own personal affairs. This piece was created to demonstrate to its readers that the Clinton family has been known for doing things in private and that when you blow the top off of one story you are bound to find another just as incriminating. Another interesting thing to note is that Bill 's one act from 1998 is still very much alive in pop culture, so Hillary 's actions might live for the rest of her political career as

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