Analysis Of Family Strong By Hillary Clinton

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Focusing on the Families
During another election year of opponent bashing and empty promises, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign advertisement titled “Family Strong” takes a different approach to winning the support of American voters. “Family Strong” focuses on what former Secretary of State Clinton has accomplished for the children of America. Because of the many scandals set against her, Clinton struggles with keeping the trust of Americans. She uses this advertisement to gain the faith and gratitude of American families. Beginning with the story of her mother, Dorothy, Clinton explains that her mother’s parents left her when she was eight years old. A black and white picture is shown of a young Dorothy at approximately eight years old. She has short, dark hair in a bob-style haircut, with a flat round hat, which seems to be defying gravity in its slanted position on her head. The slide fades into a new photograph of adult Dorothy, with her hair pulled back into a
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Former Secretary Clinton strains to show that she can relate to families of all types because of the hardships of her mother and her new role as a grandmother. “Family Strong” uses the character, actions, and experience of Clinton to evoke trust, while using photographs of smiling children, background music, and the tragic memory of September 11, 2001, to bring an emotional response to its audience. Clinton uses her past achievements to convince the viewers that she should be trusted to take care of American families. On the website, Clinton is described as “A change maker who’s spent her life fighting for families” (Hillary for America). Numerous transgressions have resulted in the loss of America’s trust in Hillary Clinton. Step by step, she is attempting to earn back that trust. In “Family Strong,” Hillary Clinton focuses on regaining the favor of families across

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