Hillary Clinton Fallacies In Advertising

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Commercials are a way to persuade an audience to want something. For example, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used commercials to convince the people watching to vote for them. Both authors were running for president of The United States of America. The commercial, “The Clinton Way” was made by Future45 and Donald Trump to show that Hillary Clinton has a bad character. This commercial was a shorter video used to get the idea across of why Donald Trump will be better even though nothing was said about Trump. However, Hillary Clinton produced an advertisement called “Tomorrow” which was longer. The argument provided a video of Hillary talking. The point was that she will work hard to make the country better for our family, therefore we need to choose her because she is a responsible leader. …show more content…
“Tomorrow” has begging the question, stacked evidence and using authority instead of evidence in the video. All of the commentary makes Clinton seem amazing and makes the audience feel safe. She talks highly about herself because she thinks people will believe her. The similar claims which she says consistently do not hold much support. When she does use support, it is only looking towards her side. Whereas, “The Clinton Way” has fallacies of manufactured evidence, ad hominem and slippery slope. It’s fallacies bring people against Clinton. All of the fallacies that are put in the argument for Trump happen with little to no support. It puts down Hillary’s character with fake proof which creates manufactured evidence and ad hominem. Also, “The Clinton Way” is using slippery slope when it talks about all the bad stuff and shows her banging expensive stuff up. In that case it makes the audience see Hillary as someone who will mess up the world. Uniquely, both arguments have exaggerated evidence as

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