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  • Describe Your Planning Process

    Describe your planning process. How did you develop your ideas? Please cite research and/or theory that supports your instructional decision making. I originally wanted my students to write and present a self-written story to demonstrate their understanding of “Benchmark SS.1.6.1 - Describe ways in which your own and other cultures express cultural beliefs and practices through stories and/or legends.” However, I later realized that asking first graders to write a story and present it, all in…

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  • Drowning In Debt

    “If the world were the way most educators would have us believe, America’s streets would be clogged with people who decided to skip out on their college degrees, panhandling to feed their illegitimate children. If you asked any of the hypothetical street-lurkers what they regretted most, they’d turn to you, eyes weary and underlined with dark circles, like sad, sad eyeliner for poor people, and whisper, ‘I didn’t get my college degree. Don’t be like me, kid. Go to college. Pursue that higher…

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  • The 6 Trait Writing Process

    It seems that the 6 Trait Writing Process allows children to work in whatever phase of writing they are in and is set up so they can move on to the next writing step when they decide they are ready, instead of a teacher telling them when they move from one phase of writing to the next. AMAZING! I can barely believe what I am reading. The Montessori curriculum has this process approach to teaching its curriculum. It was always inspiring and reassuring to…

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  • English 102 Reflection

    Over the course of English 102, I have developed a new set of skills and learned to become a better writer. When I first came into English 102 I struggled with many different concepts of writing. During the semester in English 102, my writing became stronger because I learned how to incorporate evidence into my argument, do more thorough research, have smoother transitions, and have more organization throughout my essay. I learned how to peer review better and to take what others say and…

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  • Reflection On The Writer's Notebook

    Reflection My development as a writer and the development of this piece was impacted by the exploration of the writer’s notebook, the learning outcomes of this course and what I have learned about writing from others. The Writer’s Notebook At first, I struggled with allowing myself to dig deep into the writer’s notebook. When I read the writing invitations the first week, I found myself just responding to it like a prompt or the reflective papers I spend so much time writing in my graduate…

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  • Michaela Cullington's Article: Does Texting Affects Writing Skills

    One of my quirkiest traits―and a consistent topic of laughter amongst my friends―is my ever-present and never-fading habit of texting with perfect grammar. Semicolons, commas, and colons all make an appearance in my texting, a side effect of wanting to be a book editor when I grow up. Some might argue that because I use texting as a form of communication, my writing skills have regressed. Others argue that texting has actually benefitted my formal writing skills. In Michaela Cullington’s article…

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  • Green Building Reflection

    When I was deciding what conversation I was going to join, I wanted to pick a topic that I had a great deal of passion for. One of my friends suggested that I should write about something related to my major. Once he said that, a light bulb went off in my head. I am a Building Science major and have worked construction the past two summers for my summer job. I have been to many National Parks across the United States and have fallen in love with the beauty of nature. I put those two things…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Anne Lamott's Shitty First Drafts

    no means, is a simple task, and nearly every individual, at some point, encounters this obstacle in their lifetime. For some this skill may come easy, creating literature from scrap within hours is a simple task. On the other hand, most find this process extremely difficult; thinking of new ideas, words and sentences in sequence is challenging. Forming thoughts and putting them into paragraph form takes time, and not only time, but also countless attempts. Anne Lamott explains this problem in…

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  • Just Mercy Reflection

    Throughout taking Writing 100, I now understand a deeper complexion of myself, as well as an improvement on my writing abilities. Through the use of my “Just Mercy” paper as well as my commonplace book- I can look back and understand important aspects of growth and how these assignments have taught me about myself. I have not only grown as a writer, but as a person who understands the world in a new light. While writing my paper on “Just Mercy” I had no previous extensive knowledge on our…

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  • Who Moved My Cheese Summary

    Introduction The book, Who Moved My Cheese? written by Spencer Johnson, M.D., was chosen simply because it is a requirement for our BUS 201 Principles of Management class. Out of the three book choices, I concluded that this would be the best fit for me not because it is shorter and easier to read, but because of the management techniques discussed in the book. This paper is structured into six different sections. The first section is the introduction, leading into the second section, which…

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