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  • Personal Narrative: Who You Are As A Writer

    Who You Are As A Writer gave me the opportunity to truly discover what my writing process was. It wasn’t just a superficial overview of what it might be, it was an in-depth definitive assignment that showed me some of my weaknesses and strengths when it comes to writing. I had to identify what was hindering my writing and understand that maybe it was either time for me to adapt the rule to the situation at hand or get rid of it altogether. The first portion of Who You Are As A Writer, Portrait…

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  • College Prep Writing Class Analysis

    College Prep Writing Advanced is the hardest class I have ever taken. I learned a lot over the course of this class, and I believe that my approach to writing has changed. I have learned that while writing it is easy to underthink, but it is easier to overthink. I also learned you cannot wait until the last minute to revise and edit essays. The first paper we wrote was the personal essay. I took not using linking verbs to heart, and took almost all of mine out. I learned the hard way that even…

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  • The Chrysalids Title Analysis

    This week I completed the brilliant novel called The Chrysalids was written by the ever so talented John Wyndham. All throughout the book I was curious as to why the novel was named “The Chrysalids” and after completing the novel I discovered why. A chrysalis is known as the preliminary or transitional phase of a transformation or state. For example, some insects like butterflies enter the state as a caterpillar and then exit as a winged individual. The book’s title is a reference to how both…

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  • The Fourteenth Amendment

    aware such an opportunity exists. Therefore, the defendant must be aware of the opportunity to be heard, and that opportunity can exist only through notification. See Fuentes v. Shevin, 407 U.S. 67, 80 (1972) (“[T]he central meaning of procedural due process [is] clear: Parties whose rights are to be affected are entitled to be heard; and in order that they may enjoy that right they must first be notified.”). This memorandum explains two points: (1) that constructive notice comports with the…

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  • Myth Of Poverty

    As I researched my blog’s argument about eradicating poverty myths and stereotypes, I found out people tend to generalize all poor people meaning they believe that all poor people are lazy, unmotivated or even drug and substance abusers. Lack of information leads people to form this beliefs. Personally, I feel that the presentation has allowed to understand my topic even more. I decided to do more research about records and stats on poverty. For example, I found out that from 1981 till 2005, the…

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  • Spontaneous: Describe Me As A Writer

    Spontaneous: describe me as a writer As a writer, spontaneous is one word that best describes me as a writer because I like to write without planning anything out and see where my thoughts goes. Occasionally, I can get stuck with writer's block and don't know where my thoughts are going. When I sit down to write, it’s mostly in a comfortable place, well-lit area, and well organized. The area must be free from distractions, so that I am able to focus and gather my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I…

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  • Why I Want To Read Shakespeare

    I was not convinced by Mr. Mack that I should read more Shakespeare. I Felt as all of his comparisons have fallen short of what they could be. Also he made reference to professionals which I am not apart of. He could have been better. I might read it, but I do not know if it is my thing based off what he said, and here is why. I felt like he comparisons were weak compared to others I've heard. He doesn't make a full comparison out of the two things he talks about. Like when he says “The first…

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  • Fish's Argument Analysis

    Fish’s idea that students should not express their opinion in academic writing is highly speculative. Fish claims that self-expression is not expected in academic writing. He claims so because the thought expressing students’ opinion is most important in writing prevents from accepting suggestion or correction about their writing. This belief leads to decline of skills about writing precisely. However, Fish’s belief would seem to be somewhat mistaken because what students are expected in…

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  • Reflection: Tquisha And Communication

    Tquisha, can you believe it? We have almost completed our third college class, yet it seems like only yesterday since we had orientation in Nashville, TN. As you stated in this week’s discussion post the connection between using proper grammar in our speech, and writing is a close one (T. Waller, personal communication, January 3, 2017). Furthermore, throughout this class, I have worked hard to speak grammatically correct, and I have noticed a small improvement that correlates to my writing.…

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  • My Strengths And Weaknesses As A Writer

    Like all writers, I have my strengths and weaknesses when I write. A few of the weaknesses I have include not connecting my essays with my thesis, adding useless details, small spelling errors, and not having enough evidence. My strengths include the facts that most of my grammar and spelling is correct, my conclusion and thesis are well done, and I hardly mess up MLA format. All these essays show the weakness and strengths I have as a writer. First, my research paper shows a lot of my strengths…

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