Essay about A Journey Into The Mind Of A Writer

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A Journey into the Mind of a Writer As I walked into her room filled with noisy students, I reminisced about the memories I had in her class. I made my way to my old desk, sat in it, and remembered the time when I fell on my butt because my friend pulled my chair out from under me. I also remembered the time when I tripped on a backpack and hit my back against the closet, causing all the trophies that were showcased on top of it to wobble, which almost fell on my head. I started to chuckle, but I stopped when my subject, who was about four foot ten and filled with sass, walked in the room. A blanket of silence immediately was placed over her rowdy students. She let me conduct this interview in the middle of her class because it was the only time I was free in my schedule, and it was also her “quietest” class. My subject, who also happened to be my favorite teacher in high school, looked at me with a straight face, said, “What’s so funny? Were you looking in a mirror or?” I rolled my eyes at her, and sat on the chair near her desk. But with her sassy, funny, and sarcastic side, I knew she was very knowledgeable in the field of writing, since she is an English teacher. She asked, “Why did you decide to interview me? You don’t even want to be a teacher.” I replied, “I decided to interview you because you were the one who encouraged me to become a better writer than I first started. I wanted to know what or who encouraged you to do the same thing.” She gave me a look of…

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