1. What Are The IT Challenges In CRM?

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1. What are the IT challenges in CRM?
The IT challenges of CRM include the difficulty of collecting and maintaining vital customer information and activity with the brand. This information needs to be managed properly so employees are able to communicate with customers like they are already familiar with them through the use of customer databases. The use of customer databases is necessary for returning customers to have a customizable experience that meets their needs without having to rehash information they already shared with the brand in previous interactions. This gives the customers a sense of familiarity and shows them that they are valued by the brand because the employees they interact with know so much about
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Customers are capable of accessing information about products and services easily online without having to consult an employee. This lack of communication makes it harder for companies to build a genuine relationship with consumers because they are capable of finding whatever they need online at their own discretion, and they also have the ability to find the best deal regardless of the brand online. This makes employees less loyal to brands than they would have been in the past because they are able to shop by looking for the best deal, not just purchasing from the store they most frequent because that’s the only option available to them. To combat this challenge in CRM, companies have to become more involved in the shopping experience online by offering customizable deals and suggestions when consumers are searching the …show more content…
One of those reasons involves how some companies reward their employees for acquiring new customers with special bonuses and incentives, but they don’t reward employees for keeping their old customers. It also costs companies less to keep the old customer rather than get new customers. Loyal customers have put in time, effort and money in building a relationship with a brand, and because of the relationship and sense of loyalty that has blossomed their experience with the company, they are less likely to leave or stop giving the company their business because they don’t want to start over with a new company that doesn’t know them as well. Companies are aware that their loyal customers aren’t likely to jump ships, so they reward them and make sure to provide them with the products and services they value over time; however, they don’t spend nearly as much time and effort on those customers as they would new customers.
3. Do customers have to love a product in order to have a relationship with that

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