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  • Johannes Gutenberg's Invention Of The Printing Press

    The Printing Press As the torque of the press slowly moved the paper into the ink everyone was tensely waiting to see if anything would print, and surely enough as they moved the paper the ink had permeated. The men who helped Guttenberg achieve his dream were all very fortuitous to finally be done with the creation of the press, but Johannes was far from done. Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the movable type revolutionized the renaissance and coming ages. Movable type was easily rearranged…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Composition 1 Journey

    A Composition 1 Journey: E5 My first semester of college at Tulsa Community College has been an unbelievable learning experience, and much of my growth stemmed from the meticulous criteria in Composition I, which pushed me to work to the utmost and develop my composition skills. I have become not only a more prepared student but also a stronger writer, something that will be of critical use as I pursue my degree in dietetics, a field that requires strong writing skills. A dietician must…

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  • Reflection On My Theory Of Writing

    Reflective Essay In this semester in English 180 I have had to write several papers called our writing projects that are supposed to advance our theory of writing and also challenge that theory. We have had several readings also made to shape our writing theory. Our readings were on rhetoric, genre, and discourse community. The writing projects were also meant to shape ideas presented in our readings. In this house we have had are writing theory challenged, as what this Course is meant to do…

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  • Jay Heinrichs 'Thank You For Arguing'

    A Teenager’s Guide to Rhetoric With stories from his own life and examples from some known and unknown rhetoricians like Aristotle and Homer Simpson, Jay Heinrichs persuades the readers into expanding their rhetoric and language skills in his book Thank You For Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion. Heinrichs is an experienced author who began as a writer and editor of the National Wildlife Magazine. Thank You For Arguing is an introduction…

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  • Reflection: Appropriate And Maintain Academic Integrity

    Reflection Paper The HLSC 1701U course focuses heavily on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, an APA writing manual for students and educators. Johnson guided the students on different aspects of the writing process like applicable in-text citations, proper formatting and maintaining academic integrity. At the beginning of the semester, I had a lot of anxiety over the impending course work, but now I can truthfully say, this is one of my easiest classes. Johnson…

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  • Tempest Self Awareness

    Don’t Let Yourself Fool You The majority of readings we’ve analyzed and discussed in Intro to Literature have had a lot to do with the protagonist’s identity and where they think they belong in the societies they’re living in. Being self-aware is being able to comprehend your emotions, motives and feelings and express them mindfully. It is not a simple task, nor is it something that many people think or care about, but throughout each of the novels we have read in class, it is evident that the…

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  • Point Of View Analysis Essay Examples

    In the Point of View Analysis Process Assessment, source M, I demonstrated the key components in having a proficient-level understanding of the point of view in stories. I can successfully determine the type of perspective and how the narration affects the story. Point of view is a tool…

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  • Holocaust Reflection On Maus By Art Spiegelman

    Holocaust Reflection Paper Participation For this project lesson plan, Jerrod and I brain stormed possible project ideas to go along with the book, Maus by Art Spiegelman. We decide to stay with the graphic novel idea for the project. We worked together at the library to complete the lesson plan. Jerrod volunteered to complete the graphic novel example for the lesson project. We used the online archives from The USC Shoah Foundation, which we provided several examples of the types of videos we…

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  • Rhetorical Speech Reflection Essay

    JT Myers For my oratorical speech, I had multiple strengths and weaknesses throughout. One of the strengths for this speech was my writing abilities. I’m able to use formal language and good grammar in my work. I am also able to create a claim and points to talk about. I can make these in an order the is organized and makes sense. I also make sure to let people know what I’m talking about, which in the case of my oratorical speech, was optimism. But along with these strengths, I also have a…

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  • Reflection On Occupational Therapy

    Upon reflection of the time I have spent studying Occupational Therapy (OT) this year, I realised that the view of occupational therapy that I had developed from the time I had spent job shadowing, although not entirely incorrect, was certainly misguided. Initially my understanding of OT was rudimentary and lacked both insight into what OT could achieve and the importance of occupations to OT. When I consider my view of OT now, it has not only altered, but the profession and its associated…

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