Reflection On Writing Class

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self-reflection This class was unlike any other writing class I have taken. Every writing class I have taken taught me a specific way to write. The writing was something that became a formula that I would follow to make my teachers happy. It was not about writing anymore but the best way to improve my grade. From the start of the class, I knew it was going to be different. We were given freedom to write anyway we wanted and that shocks me the most. We were supposed to stop writing like robots and write without using our formula. From middle school to college we were taught to write one way. I struggle the most with the freedom we were given. Every time I write an essay I go through the same process but this class challenge me to stop doing the same thing over and over. I had …show more content…
This class opens me to new kinds of texts and articles that I would've never have seen. The texts that were given were sometimes long and complicated. You would have to read a couple of paragraphs before you knew what was going on and sometime you would have to reread it. Everything we read nothing was ever spoon feed to use. To be able to understand the text you would have to dissect the meaning out of it. You were not able to skim through the text but you had to analyze every word. You could of miss important details if you did not examine the text correctly. I learn how to break down the text and use my knowledge to infer the meaning. This showed me that good writers don't have to spell it out for the readers. I also learn that people could pull different meaning from the same text. Discussion about a text also help you better understand it and different opinions can bring different ideas to the table. Sometimes a text does not have one defined meaning but many different themes. A text might seem simple but you need to look under the surface and understand what the author is really trying to say. I can better dissect complicated

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