My Reflection Of My Portfolio

Portfolio Reflection
Throughout the semester I personally feel as I got a lot of solid concrete information on how to enhance my writing. When I first came into this class I thought to myself “I am going to fail”. I know for a fact that I am not a strong writer and I will fully admit that. When I look back at myself as a writer in high school I think how in the world did I pass English with the grades I did. It boggles my mind from time to time. It actually makes me mad. No teacher in any subject prepared me for the content that was going to devourer me in college.
Looking back to the very start of the semester I am reminded of my best piece of writing. The personal essay has always been a favorite
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When it comes to writing about things that don't come from inside me, I feel hopeless. For example, during the research essay I struggled to display all the information I required without sounding like a broken record. I often am at a loss when it comes to writing in this academic form of writing, I personally just think it’s boring. During the research essay, I constantly stumbled upon piles and piles of information, not knowing what to choose. Looking back on this piece there is a clear comment that Professor Goddard made “As you work on future papers, even beyond this class, keep working on tightening the focus of the paper. While the thesis suggests the paper is about African American women, there is a large section on suffrage which was about white women getting the right to vote”. This is clear and concrete evidence that goes to show that I need to pinpoint my writing topic. My grade of a 70 percent speaks for itself. Another constant struggle for me is staying on top of my due dates for class. I am a pro procrastinator. Something I am not proud of but I am not the only one. I think that this is something that I have done with all of my papers. In order for me to be successful in English Comp 2, I need to change my …show more content…
In college, I know that I will still be faced with dreaded argumentative and research papers. I am also aware and choosing to ignore the fact that I will not be crafting any personal essays. For me that is something that makes me cringe because it's the easiest and most enjoyable for me. I would love to continue writing personal pieces, but since my chosen major is business, I know that there will be many thesis and report papers. As I dive into the next couple of years, I will be faced with analyzing my findings. Once I finish my career here at Trine I will still be invested in writing many reports. As for right now I am unsure what those reports will be about, but I can only hope that they will be about sports.
Wrapping up my semester in English Comp it is bittersweet. I have grown as a writer immensely. I have learned that writing takes a lot of time and that a piece of writing is never finished. Your pieces can always get better, even if you think you are finished. When I look towards my future here I am thankful that I had this opportunity to grow with my skills before advancing to a higher class. I feel that I am prepared for the next challenges that I face with my

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