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  • Analysis Of Heck By Dale E. Basye

    What does it mean when someone asks you what the theme of the story is? Well, it means that they are asking you what the central idea of the story is. So, recently we’ve finished reading the book called “Heck” by Dale E. Basye. The book didn’t specifically have one theme, it had many themes. One of the themes was “Every moment of every day we decide our fate.” This theme was shown through characteristics and relationships of characters, how the characters faced conflict, and the author’s unique…

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  • Essay: Four Steps To The Writing Process

    The writing process has four steps: planning, prewriting, drafting, and revising. No matter how I break up my process of writing, these four steps are the backbone to my writing techniques. I have a different approach to the traditional way of following the steps of the writing process. I look for a set environment, I brainstorm, create a finished product, and I have friends revise work. Here I will thoroughly discuss my writing process. As soon as I receive a writing assignment, I read it…

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  • Personal Narrative: Finding The Joy

    Finding the Joy There is a deeper understanding when it comes to writing; writing brings so much joy to others, whether some realize it at the time or not. Yet, I spent the first part of my life oblivious to this concept. As a young writer, I wrote because I had to; it was mandatory for the English curriculum. Writing came easily to me, never having to give it much thought. The ideas running through my head could be easily placed onto paper; however, I was never fully involved or engaged in…

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  • Reflective Essay: Similarities Between Reading And Writing

    When I think about literacy I think of two different parts, reading and writing. Both of which I have had different experiences of. Reflecting off my past experience reading was the more challenging one out of the two. I have always enjoyed writing and learning how to express myself on paper. For those reasons, I will be exploring both of these literacies separately. Ten years ago, me being around eight years old, sitting in a reading circle with my fellow classmates. It comes to be my turn to…

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  • Bethany Dameron: A Short Story

    Interview Questions: A Short Story Bethany Dameron Arizona State University Interview Questions: A Short Story A student, Bethany Dameron, must create a story around which to wrap a series of interview questions. She wishes to make this story entertaining, while still relevant. She imagines conversations with celebrities, artists, or politicians. None of these spark her interest. Then, she comes up with a fun, creative, lighthearted story, which makes her smile. Bethany pictures a story in…

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  • 'The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter'

    What writing really is? Why do I often choose writing as the method to record my innermost voice? Can I influence the readers through my writing? These are all the questions that often pop to my Writing is much more powerful than what we think. Many unexpected knowledge and personal reflection can be learned through writing. In writing, writers often have more than one purpose. They can write to share their emotions, but instead, they write to influence their audience’s fundamental thinking.…

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  • Timberlake Case Analysis

    without affording Member Timberlake entreated quotidian substantive due process of law, and refusing an impartial hearing. Since, their questionable decision was to unilaterally assess a bad address fee against North Alabama Educators Credit Union member Timberlake’ account; subsequently, their scandalous actions were taken over Member Timberlake’s objections, and without affording Member Timberlake his entreated substantive due process of law. Appellant Timberlake’s petition concerns unlawful…

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  • Reflective Essay: Probabl Part Of My Writing

    Sunday night, after trying to be productive all day, I finally sit down and put my hands on the keyboard, and start typing the essay that I should have started a couple days ago. Yeah, you can call me a procrastinator, and I admit that. I have never been good at writing essays. Even if it’s just a small paragraph of summary, it will usually take me much longer to finish it. One reason is it just takes me forever to figure out what I want to write about. I can be writing about rocket science…

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  • Reflective Essay: What I Learned In The Classroom

    What I have learned in class throughout the whole semester was more and more on how to write an essay well but also how I can take information about each article and top, I also learned on how well and what was to take notes and be able to understand what I am writing about and be able to create my own opinion. When writing different types of essay and also being able to tell my classmates and also my audience about my what my story is talking about and being able to get their attention. I…

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  • The Strength In My Speech

    At this moment I’m still in my college outline process, then I will begin practicing giving my speech. In order to meet my goals I need to: 1. I will need to finish my college outline, and ask question if I need help. 2. I’m then going to begin to put the words into my mouth from my outline. 3. I…

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