Benzoic acid

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  • Rave Culture And Social Culture

    especially the intake of Ecstasy. Techno music (House) and MDMA would both have survived without each other, but their marriage was mutually beneficial; together they gave birth to rave culture. Rave culture started in the 1980’s, with the development of acid house, dance music and clubbing. Although this sub culture has always been seen in a negative way it transformed club culture by turning it into a global force that influences every pop genre. It has…

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  • Amino Acid Sensor Lab Report

    Aim 2: How does folliculin detect amino acids to regulate mTORC1 activity? Here, the goals are to elucidate the mechanism of action that enables folliculin to function as an amino acid sensor. 2.1. Determine the amino acid reservoir folliculin senses. Evidence points FLCN as a novel amino acid sensor. To resolve the biochemical mechanism FLCN employs, we need identify the specific amino acid reservoir FLCN senses. Lysosomes’ are the main amino acid reservoir and the ‘inside-out’ mechanism is a…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tri-O-Acetyloride

    , 2009). (2) “Transient” protection approach (Ti et al., 1982) has been widely used. In this procedure, the nucleoside is persilylated using a silylating agent, and the acyl function is installed on the amino group using the corresponding acid chloride or acid anhydride. (3) Some acyl functions such as benzoyl, α-phenylcinnamoyl, and naphthaloyl are directly incorporated on the nucleobase using the corresponding anhydride (Watanabe and Fox, 1966; Bhat et al., 1989). Zhu et al. (2003) reported an…

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  • Liquid Evaporation Experiment

    different concentrations of nitric acid (measured in molars) with copper powder (grams) affect the rate of reaction (measured in seconds) measured using a stopwatch? Hypothesis: The copper powder placed in the most concentrated amount of nitric acid, measured in molar, will take the least amount of time, measured in seconds, to react compared to the amounts of copper powder in other less concentrated amounts of nitric acid. This is as if the concentration of nitric acid is increased, then the…

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  • Brassica Oleracea Case Study

    Leroy et al. (2000) used 4 microsatellite primers to characterise Brassica oleracea accessions. Among the 136 reproducible fragments generated, 25 (18.4%) fragments were common for all Brassica, 27 (19.9%) were unique and 84 (61.7%) were phylogenetically informative. Flannery et al. (2006) assessed polymorphisms in Brassica, Arabidopsis, Camelina, Raphanus and Sinapis using 10 plastid SSR primer sets. Eight loci were polymorphic, and separated the individuals of Brassicaceae into taxon-specific…

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  • Drosophila Melanogaster: A Genetic Analysis

    Introduction Drosophila melanogaster can be considered model organisms for the study of genetics. Some characteristics that contribute to this status are their quick lifecycles, large amount of offspring, and the presence of only four chromosomes. Drosophila melanogaster contain bristles on the thorax, head, legs, and abdomen. These bristles are used as a sensory mechanism, allowing fruit flies to detect their surroundings as they fly and walk around their environment (Yehuda, 2011). The rate…

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  • Double Salt Lab Report

    Experimental: Materials – double salt (self-made & EIU Chemistry Stockroom), 6 M HCl (EIU Chemistry Stockroom), 10% BaCl2, 6 M HNO3 (EIU Chemistry Stockroom) Equipment – Ocean Optics Spectrometer USB4000, Logger Pro Procedure – In order to find the mass percent of the sulfate, the sulfate needed to separate itself from the rest of the double salt. To do this, experimenters began by weighing out 0.998 g of the double salt into a 250-mL beaker. They then used the graduated cylinder to add about…

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  • Research Paper On Aspirin

    different uses, but have probably never heard of these next few uses. Reviving dead car batteries: it is possible to drop two aspirin pills into the dead battery and it will help to get the vehicle started back up. The acetylsalicylic acid combines with the sulfuric acid in the car battery, causing the battery to produce one last charge. Removing perspiration stains: crush up two tablets and mix it with a half cup of warm water and let the sweat-stained piece of clothing sit for two to three…

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  • Baccl2 Test Lab Report

    Introduction Unknown substances can be found everywhere. Whether it is the mysterious crust on the desk, or the sticky material found at the bottom of an unwashed bowl, there is a curiosity as to what that substance could be. In science, the unknown substance is called the analyte (1). The unknown substance, taken from the Gulf of Mexico, is tested to determine the true identity of the substance. In order to find the analyte, there are two different scientific methods that can be applied. The…

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  • Red Hair Polymorphisms

    melanocortin-1-receptors or MC1R genes found many variants of amino acid found in people who were red-haired but rarely found in the non-red people. Researchers have identified 3 common amino-acid-polymorphisms associated commonly with red haired people viz., R160W, R151C, & D294H. The abbreviated names mean common amino acid types were found in positions 160 151, & 294 in proteins are arginine (R), cysteine (C), arginine & aspartic acid (D), while amino acids histidine (H) & tryptophan (W),…

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