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  • Electrolyte Concentration Lab Report

    DISCUSSION: In this investigation, the effect of electrolyte concentration, depth of electrode immersion in electrolyte, and distance between electrodes in electrolyte, on the current flow through copper electrodes were tested. Table 1 and Graph 1 display the results when increasing electrolyte concentration. Evident in Graph 1, the results contained scatter, and consisted of an outlier in the sample in which the ratio of NaCl: deionised water was 10:30mL. The outlier and scatter may have been…

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  • Effects Of Metal Electrodeposition

    Metal electrodeposition is the process of reduction reaction and crystallization of metal ions in an electrolytic cell according to the mechanism of electrolysis. Electrodeposition is one of the main methods for improving and enhancing the metal substrate property. Now, in order to overcome the defect of single electrodeposition with shortcomings of cracks, pores, pits, pocking and so on, the modern new techniques sprang up such as jet electrodeposition [1], ultrasonic vibration assisted…

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  • Essay On Solar Battery

    Design and implementation of MPPT based charger of wheelchair batteries using Photovoltaic Arrays Radhika Vaid, Vaibhav Maheshwary, Sharang Mittal Abstract The development of renewable energy for the generation of electric power has been a critical topic in the current century with the growing problem of global warming and other environmental issues. Recently solar power has become a practical source for the generation of electricity worldwide. However the PV cell output is relatively low for…

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  • Floating Slimes Essay

    Silver, lead, arsenic, bismuth, antimony, selenium, and nickel are common impurities existing in copper anodes. Some impurities dissolved from the anodes can precipitate, if their concentrations in the electrolytic solution are above saturation levels. Some of these precipitates can settle down but some are floating slimes and can be a source of cathode contamination by their incorporation into the cathode 16. These floating slimes are amorphous and typically have compositions of Sb-As-O and…

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  • Violent Crime Case Summary

    VIOLENT CRIMES: Fiscal year to date, violent crime in Mid-City had gone down 16%. Murder: There was one reported murders in Mid-City Division this quarter, which is the same amount compared to the same quarter last year. On July 13, 2016 at 0435 hours, Officers responded to the east alley of 3900 Arizona Street to investigate a report of a male who had just assaulted a female. The male was traveling on his bicycle and struck the female in the back of the head as he rode by. The female…

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  • Summary Of Robert Newton's Novel 'Runner'

    RUNNER ANALYTICAL ESSAY PLAN: INTRO: Robert Newton’s novel ‘Runner’ explores the ruthless streets of Richmond. Through the main character Charlie Feehan, we see how many critical and hard decisions he makes which is vital for survival in the slums of Richmond. BODY – 1 T- In order to survive and provide for his family who is suffering from deep poverty. Charlie has to settle on the hard choice to skip school and become a runner for Mr Squizzy Taylor. After Mr Feehan passing away, Charlie and…

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  • How To Charge A Smartphone Battery

    Your smartphone's battery charge ends. But you have to make a call to your boss for getting some vital message. Now and then you feel the trouble due to your best smartphone battery life. Even, full of charge doesn't go half day. Need to charge the phone battery 2-3 times during the day. It's a horrible condition. You have been suffering this problem since the buy of the new phone. But before buying the phone, you have searched in net best smartphone within your best budget. It's 3000 mAh, 4000…

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  • Why Is Motorcycle Battery Important

    The motorcycle battery is obviously important, well duh, you can’t start a motorcycle without it, so it is important. However, it is probably the most neglected part of the motorcycle as well because it is slightly difficult to reach and take care of it because of its location. So it is quite frequently the battery which is a cause of breakdown of a motorcycle and this is what makes it important for the battery to be maintained properly. Considering the importance of motorcycle battery it is…

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  • Intentional Tort Of Battery Essay

    present case, Joe has committed the intentional tort of battery. A battery is defined as harmful or offensive contact with a person, resulting from an act intended to cause the plaintiff to suffer such a contact. There are four elements of the intentional tort of battery. (1) There must be a voluntary, affirmative…

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  • Home Fire Alarms

    By having the new technology in fire alarms provides with a early warning and faster responds time. In the past smoke detector were equipment with batteries that had to be replaces twice a year. This was often neglected resulting in death injury and property damage. With the long life batteries this enhanced of the home owners. Heat detectors are the oldest type of automatic fire detection device. The heating detector is another way to solve the problems of deaths due…

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