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  • Police Officer: A Short Story

    Do any of you guys have any noteworthy encounters with the police, Good or Bad? please share This will be long ass shit, FYI I 'll start: around September 2013, I was working as facilities engineer, which is a dirty job. I pretty much carried around an entire toolkit with me most days, i.e a hammer, screwdriver, boxcutter, drywall patch and etc. As I 'm heading home for the day, listening to music, two men grabbed me from behind and tried to drag me down to the curb. I did what anyone would…

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  • Physical Assault Chapter Summary

    Chapter 13 looked at homicide and physical assault. When it comes to the scope of exposure it was stated in the book that “comparing rates of physical assaults across nations is difficult because legal definitions of crime differ. In addition, there is limited access information about physical assaults that are not reported to police. If the legal definition of physical assault differs in two countries or if the proportion of cases reported to police in each country differs, then comparisons…

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  • Sexual Assault On Campus

    We all have heard of sexual assault happening around the world. One concerning case would be in campus. Campus sexual assault happens as well and some may be handled good others not so much. But with even all of that is there more preventions for this to not happen again or do people look the other way causing it to happen more often? Campuses do have all this programs to help out victims who suffered this type of violence but it seems to not spread the word to prevent this happening again.…

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  • Potato Battery Hypothesis

    Question /Problem Can a potato be used to build a battery and light up a LED? Hypothesis If I use an electrolyte like a potato juice and two electrodes like galvanized steel and coper, then I should be able to create a small amount of electricity enough to light a LED (light emitting diode). Research Potatoes in general do not generate and do not store electricity. What potatoes do have that can help transfer energy is its soluble chemical property which may cause a chemical reaction…

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  • The Dangers Of Safety Instructions, Precautions And Safety

    hold it for future reference. Safety Instructions/Warnings Before using this unit, read and see all safety instructions and warnings carefully, basic safety precautions ought to dependably be taken over to diminish the danger of a flame, leaking batteries, injury, and material harm. General Warnings 1. The appliance not expected to use by people with reduced physical, tactile, or mental capacities. 2. Children or Adults ailing in experience and information additionally should not work this…

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  • Car Battery Failure

    Have you thought about your car battery recently? It's important to do so every once in awhile. Battery failure is currently considered the leading cause of car breakdown in the United Kingdom. Your battery is absolutely vital to both starting your car, as well. The spark plugs cannot fire on without a charged one, even if the rest of the vehicle is completely fine. It could be worth far too much to neglect it. The most common type of failure is down to the battery simply running out of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Questions And Answers

    On 12-03-2015 at approximately 1745 hours I Officer Hildebrand, Officer Patrick Sullivan and Sgt. Joseph Harris were dispatched to 630 N D St. for report of an assault in progress. While en route Dispatch notified me saying the male individual assaulting the victim was Kevin Meyer. I had dealt with Kevin Meyer earlier in my shift. While driving East on West Gallatin I spotted Kevin 's pickup headed West on Gallatin. I pulled my vehicle in front of his pickup. Sgt. Harris and I drew our service…

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  • Essay On Bullying And Discrimination

    Bullying is a controversial issue, whether it may be from discrimination or any form of harassment. Bullying, discrimination, harassment and many more like cases occurs quite often through various ways. Many times it occurs in public and other times it occurs where no one can see but you and that other person. Whatever way it happens; it happens and few that have against it. People don’t realize the harm of such actions and if they do they don’t show signs that they care until something…

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  • Powerlessness In The Workplace Essay

    Discuss the ways in which power/powerlessness comes into play in the situation of women farmworkers who are undocumented immigrants. (Here, you can talk about the power of the farm owners relative to the workers.) The ways in which the patriarchal hegemony have been socially constructed gives cisgender men power over all other identities. Because of this dynamic, it comes as no surprise that women farmworkers face harassment from their male supervisors. Not only are these men privileged because…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pinball Machines

    Restoring pinball machines is a fun hobby. It's also a nice career, especially for those that operate arcades. Whether for fun or work, one thing you'll need to address is pinball lighting. Pinball machines have several light bulbs that make the machine bright and flashy. In the past, traditional incandescent light bulbs were used. However, in today's world LED light bulbs are making a statement. Aside from being bright and colorful, LED light bulbs offer many benefits when used in pinball…

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