Workplace Violence Among Nurses

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Workplace violence is prevalent in the healthcare setting. There is an abundance of evidence suggesting that the violence in healthcare settings, especially towards nurses, is increasing (2003). Nurses are the most likely of all healthcare professions to be assaulted. Nurses are exposed to many different factors that can increase their risk. The violence can be physical or verbal and can come from patients and visitors.
There are four different types of workplace violence. The first is criminal intent which results when criminal activity is being committed with no relationship to the place or workers. Type two is customer to client where the perpetrator is the patient or client at the workplace and is violent to the healthcare worker. Type
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The abuse leads to more careless mistakes, missing shifts, disliking their job. Some nurses may leave nursing altogether because of the negative impact or some may just relocate. These are a few of the many consequences of nurses experiencing abuse in the workplace (Ahmed 2012). This problem of violence to nurses is a high because it not only affects the nurse but also their family, colleagues, employers, and patients. The violence may often reflect the community in which the service is provided (2003). Perpetrator risk factors would include patients with mental health disorders such as: dementia, anxiety, and drug or alcohol intoxication and many others. Patients with dementia were noted as a high factor in most physical assaults in nursing homes (2010). Male patients caused a significantly greater amount of violence than female patients. This could be because men are more physically capable of causing more bodily harm. Men are also usually more likely to be more physically violent, whereas females are more likely to be verbally abusive …show more content…
Most nurses will leave the violence unreported because they feel like reporting the violence won’t get them anywhere. Nurses often take the abuse and suffer from it and from the suffering other problems arise. The threat of violence is predictable, increasing, and mostly underreported. Nurses at every level of the profession were more likely to be assaulted than any other occupational group. Patients are put into situations that make them act ways they usually wouldn’t, which leads them to be abusive and violent. There should be more strict laws in place and better security to protect all nurses from violence from patients, family members, and even co-workers in the

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