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  • Royal Insurance Corporation Of Ricb Case Study

    an organization to take a strategic decision, handling cash flows and controlling of incoming and outgoing cash flows. Since RICB borrow funds from the other financial institutions and competes in the same lending market, the unwillingness from the banks to lend to RICB is affecting the funding sources. RICBL also faces problem in Non-repayment of loans by the loan clients affects the cash flow in terms of further lending and a regulatory restriction in terms of issuing different policies, as…

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  • Identity In Murakami's After The Quake

    greater sense of identity in wake of a massive earthquake. Though none of the characters focused on are directly affected by the Kobe earthquake, death and the decay of social structures are peppered throughout the collection to gauge the atmosphere of Japan at the time. This outer imagery of death and decay reveals the lack of identity within the individual to themselves. In many of Murakami’s stories, the central character looks for their place within another character because this augmented…

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  • What Are The Data According To P. Ghemawat Harvard Case Study

    The facts provided the below insights: (Refer Exhibit 1.) • Telephone service - of all the voice call minutes, only 2% were cross-border calls. Even if internet telephony is added to the data, it may add up to 6% to 7% at the maximum. • People Moving Across Borders - Especially long term flow of people, only 3% of total world population is accounted for by first-generation movers. Claims like the work is taken over by immigrants stands out to be overruled. • Foreign Direct Investment - Out of…

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  • Doraemon, By Cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto's Mystra

    all cartoon series in Thailand are from Japan, so Japanese culture normally shown in animation are familiar for Thai kids, especially 90’s kids. Children can learn what Japanese culture is, what the difference between Thai and Japanese. I think those Japanese cartoons, not only Doraemon have influence Thai society since all animations that we could find to in 90’s came from Japan. People view Japan as a cute and cool country, so it is not surprising that Japan is the country Thai travel to the…

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  • Arne Kalland Culture In Japanese Nature Analysis

    Arne Kalland’s thesis in “Culture in Japanese Nature” is that Japan is not a country that loves nature despite the image of Japan that many Western countries have. He theorizes that the Japanese love of nature in literature is metaphorical, rather than literal, and argues that “the Japanese try to control nature, or ‘conquer’ it by the process of taming (Kalland 243),” and that “only by idealization, or ‘taming’… does nature become palatable (Kalland 246).” However, he presents his argument as…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Honda Motors

    generating an increase in their disposable income which is a positive sign for the automobile industry 2. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Honda motors is headquartered in Japan with its operations spread worldwide. It is a public listed in the NYSE and TYO and since is commencement in 1948 Honda has become the second largest automobile manufacturer on Japan and eight largest in the world. The automotive industry is basically an industry having a wide range of businesses which are involved in from the initial…

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  • Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten The World Economy

    trade imbalances among countries - this created the fault line. Specifically, economic policies in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom used offshore savings to support the spending of its citizens. Developing economies, as well as Japan, Germany, and China took the opposite approach – they provided the savings the other countries needed. Rajan argues that the resulting imbalances exacerbated the financial crisis and is not sustainable in the longer…

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  • Factors Influencing Islamic Banking In Kenya

    AN ASSESSMENT OF THE FACTORS INFLUENCING THE UPSURGE OF ISLAMIC BANKING SERVICES IN KENYA. A Thesis Submitted to the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, School of Business, Department of Management In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Finance) Wilson Mauti Ogonda June, 2015 APPROVAL This thesis entitled “An Assessment of the Factors Influencing the Upsurge of Islamic Banking in Kenya” written and submitted by Wilson M…

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  • Chery Automobile Case Study

    Chery Automobile. Overview. Chery Automobile is the biggest car maker of China. Company founded in 1997. First production had started in 1999. In the late 2000s, Chery began to actively seek a partnership with a foreign automaker, a hallmark of major Chinese car makers. From the beginning target markets of the company were China, Middle-east, South Eastern Asia and Oceania. Because of that company’s first exporting was to Syria. In 2004 company started off sales Chery cars in Egypt. After…

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  • Case Study: PT Astra International

    CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND PT Astra International is the biggest independent manufacturing company in south Asia. This company was established in 1957, the company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia before 1990’s, and this company name was PT Astra International Incorporated. There are several types of businesses that were developed by PT Astra International. They developed their businesses all over the world and they are engaged in many types of product and services,…

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