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  • Disadvantages Of Electronic Banking

    they began viewing online banking as an extension of the bank rather than as an add-on service. The motivation to introduce online banking now also included new business potential, additional funds from new and existing customers, expansion in geographical reach, image as a tech-savvy bank, especially if targeting the youth and the threat of customers shifting loyalty if they did not introduce it. A number of important questions are faced banks, such us how to take full benefit of technology…

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  • Case Study: Nikon Corporation

    binoculars, microscopes and many more. The company runs in four sections with one being imaging products, and the rest being precision equipment, instruments, and others (Market Publishers, 2015) The corporation’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan (Nikon Corporation, 2011) In the year 1917 three leading optical manufacturers joined together and formed a wide-ranging, fully integrated optical corporation called Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K (Nikon Corporation, 2014). In 1988, the company’s name…

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  • Cool Japan Fund Case Study

    “Cool Japan” fund, is it completely useless or just poorly managed? The “burst” of the bubble economy in Japan at the beginning of 1990s crushed Japanese self confidence. Long recession, harsh Korean competition in steel, auto and electronics industries, with US also having the strongest leadership in “IT revolution” and rapid economic growth in China enhanced the depressive mood of “the Lost Decade”. However rumors of popularity of Japanese cultural products overseas, such as electronics for…

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  • Mananging Director Of Cisco Systems Capital

    leadership spotlight: Rajiv Menon, Mananging Director of Cisco Systems Capital in APJC Welcome to the Cisco Asia Pacific Japan and Greater China (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as hot topics in the APJC region. In the wake of the global financial crisis, increasingly more corporates are assuming the traditional role of a bank, offering financing to their customers. Cisco is no exception, having incorporated Cisco Capital…

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  • Orange Juice Markets

    the transferring of goods and services, the flow of money would cease to exist. Trading of stocks, bonds and commodities continue to build our economy one trade at a time. Central Bank & Monetary Policy The monetary policy is the management of money and interest rates which is used within central banks. Central Banks are a government institution that has responsibility for the amount of money and credit supplied in the economy as a whole. • United States and European bonds are becoming a…

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  • Internal Governance In China Case Study

    1978, China only has one financial institution, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). After changing some policies, many banks were established such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the Bank of China (BOC). Unlike other models Japan and German, banks sector in China play important role in corporate governance. Most of Chinese commercial banks owned by the government, these banks have huge number of nonperforming loans which is a result of…

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  • Essay On Coming Of Age

    young adults who have turned or will turn to the age of 20 between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of the most current year, and who maintain residency in the area are invited to attend. The ceremony takes place in every city ward around Japan; everyone can attend the event at their local city office at around 11:30am. Though the day starts much earlier for these young adults, especially the girls who spend countless hours fixing their hair and makeup, and never mind the time it takes…

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  • Case Study Of BRICS

    organization is bright and that the world will see a new leading entity or at least a very influential one. The BRICS also started negotiations about a development bank that will represent them, a stock exchange, and attempts to boost intra-BRICS trade (which is predicted to reach 500 billion dollars by 2015. They want to use this development bank to mobilize resources for sustainable development and infrastructure in developing countries starting with an initial capital of 50 billion dollars.…

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  • Implications Of Internet Banking

    together with the increased use of Internet. However, its effect on the use of banking accounts is still an underexplored question. The majority of studies can be divided into three groups. The first group investigates the necessary conditions for bank customers to start using Internet banking. Based on surveys, Al-Rfou (2013) reveals that customers tend not to use the service even if they have it provided. Complexity of usage, low privacy and bad quality of Internet connection are the…

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  • Softbank Case Study

    Recent Development of Softbank International Business Recently, In 2004 Softbank acquired the Japan Telecom, Japan’s third-largest fixed-line operator. (SoftBank Group, 2004) After this times of acquired, Softbank formally entering the traditional telecom business. Also, Softbank owns several different companies such as Japan Cable Co., Ltd., BB-Serve, a cable company, and GungHo Online Entertainment, a gaming company. In addition, Softbank has partnerships with Japanese subsidiaries of…

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