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  • Wells Fargo Case Study

    link between bank competition and financial stability, concluding that “greater competition increases financial stability” (27). The study discussed the banks facing greater competition are “less likely to be targeted for regulatory enforcement…

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  • Raghav Gangarapu Case Study

    Raghav Gangarapu is a Database Administrator that works for the insurance firm, Allstate. Allstate is the the second largest personal lines insurer in the country. The corporation offers a variety of packages mainly in the property and casualty sector of insurance. Being a Database Administrator for Allstate, caused Raghav to be immersed a complex sample set of millions of people confidential insurance information. Raghav’s job is to create, update, and protect the databases Allstate uses for…

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  • Anthony Downing Case Study

    Americans have adopted other more frugal habits. 41% of People are going longer than they used to between haircuts, 43% of people are taking staycations instead of big trips and 48% of people are packing a brown bag lunch instead of eating out. The biggest cutback is 57% of women that were surveyed said they are painting their own nails rather than going to the nail salon. Consumers used to blow their tax return on vacations and lavish material things, but not anymore, the Consumer Reports…

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  • Does American Express Stand In E-Commerce

    Not so long ago doing everyday activities, such as banking, shopping, going to school, working, attending an auction, choosing colors of paint, buying furniture, and just about anything one can think of that used to be done by going places to do things can now be done on a computer in the comfort of one’s home. So what keeps more people from embracing e-commerce? Fear. Naturally, many have fear that their personal data is not secure and their identities will be hacked. They are afraid their…

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  • Mananging Director Of Cisco Systems Capital

    (APJC) leadership spotlight series, where Cisco executives share their expertise and vision, as well as hot topics in the APJC region. In the wake of the global financial crisis, increasingly more corporates are assuming the traditional role of a bank, offering financing to their customers. Cisco is no exception, having incorporated Cisco Capital globally as early as 1996, followed by Asia Pacific two years later. We speak to Rajiv Menon, Mananging Director, Cisco Systems Capital, APJC on the…

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  • Credit Card Skimmer Speech

    associated with credit card skimmers at the gas pumps. “Being able to pay by credit or debit card at the gas station is a nice convenience. But when you swipe your card at the pump, you actually may be handing crooks what they need to steal money from your bank account at an ATM or go on a spending spree on your dime (”. Credit card skimmers copy the account data from the magnetic stripe on the back of your card, along with your PIN if you use a debit card transaction and…

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  • Financial Accounting Case Study

    Question 1 – Learning Outcome 1 (10 marks) You are an employee of a compliance consultancy and will visit DKA Ltd and BBT plc, who are both UK-based insurance brokers. DKA Ltd is a small general insurance broker who only transacts commercial business for UK-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs). BBT plc is a global insurance broker managing all classes of business with international coverage. (a) Identify, with justification, two significant regulatory issues you will investigate on your…

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  • Jp Morgan In The 1920's

    Morgan, he is better known as J.P. Morgan. He was a financial, railroad, and a banking tycoon who sometimes merged with other companies. Such as the time that he merged with Andrew Carnegie and his steel company or the merger that formed Morgan Chase bank. He is well known for helping shape America's business. J.P. Morgan did a lot of good deeds for Americans. For example, he used his influence to stabilize the financial…

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  • Difference Between Deontological And Utilitarianism

    to the bank with two different balance sheets, he thought that the bank won’t mind to accept his loan and the balance sheet as they would know that businesses don’t prefer to pay too much taxes. From the Bank point of view this is an unethical situation from the client, from the utilitarian point of view: first what “Utilitarian” means, the happiness and satisfaction of greater number of people, and an action is morally right when it’s consequences leads to an overall happiness. The bank here…

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  • Dave Ramsey Research Paper

    recovered. His advice and ideas have helped many people get out of debt, while also helping them save up for the future. Dave Ramsey has taught me countless ideas over the past two weeks, some of which include not using credit cards, having separate bank accounts, and starting to save early in life. One of the main things I have learned from the Dave Ramsey videos is that you should not use credit cards. You should always save up for things and pay for them in cash, like cars and other big…

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