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  • Personal Narrative: My Soccer Experience

    trying to do my best and be part of the best Soccer team, I don’t remember exactly the date but it was in October 2012. The first day we started running 5 laps to the two soccer fields, it was nice because I like exercise. After that we were passing the ball and shouting to the goal. The goal keeper is funny he played one year in a really professional team in Mexico. My feelings were high because soccer is my favorite sport. However, there were a lot of people trying to get in the team, but only…

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  • Case Study: The Great Golf Ball Dilemma

    The Great Golf Ball Dilemma- Will *All calculations are rounded* This maths investigation explored the best way to package six golf balls and to recommend to the manager of a sports manufacturing company Supreme Sports. The task was to test two designs, a cylindrical box and a rectangular box, under the criteria of wasting minimal space and also the least cost the company. This testing would occur by using the knowledge of surface area and volume using formulas to find out the mathematical…

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  • Baseball And Gambling In Eric Rolfe Greenburg's The Celebrant

    they didn’t want their reputation to be associated with gambling and baseball. This continued until Christy Mathewson changed the character of baseball gambling. Christy became the example that a person could be an educated man while still being a ball player. In Mister Sonnheim’s club, the party decides to play bridge and Christy explains what gambling truly is and how society misunderstands the meaning: “A competition for stakes is a far cry from gambling. God forbid that I should gamble; I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of Golf

    mentally with the sport which I absolutely find hilarious. No matter how bad I play, I always find myself at the course the next day with a fresh mindset. I talked about the importance of a routine, but that is what golf is and is not. I set up to the ball the same every time, but there is hardly ever an identical outcome. I always find myself calming myself down and picking myself back up. Golf is such a mental rollercoaster, but it becomes more fun once someone has learned to play the sport…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Golf Team

    Before I joined the golf team, I was quiet and reserved; however, golf has helped shape me into a better leader and teammate because it has improved my communication with others. As I have met a countless number of people of all different personalities, I feel more confident in how I handle working with other people. On the course, I have learned how to be both a competitor as well as a supportive playing partner. Interacting with a wide range of people has taught me to adapt to different…

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  • Concussions In Soccer

    Pearce Stevens’ “Soccer: Watch Out for Collisions” article out of Student Science is proving that head balls might not be the main cause of brain injuries in the game. In soccer, there is one major rule: no using arms or hands. As the ball floats through the air, the only other way to make contact with it and change its direction is to use his or her head. People have come to believe these head balls are the main cause of most concussions in soccer. Several sports organizations have banned…

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  • Hybrid Golf Club Essay

    Hitting the ball squarely is just a piece of cake because of the flat clubface of hybrids. Same as a fairway wood, the clubface of hybrids are hard. This will allow your shot to reach farther. This is one of the reasons why pros put hybrids in their golf bags. Even…

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  • Stuff Matters Chapter Summary

    The specific plastic described in the chapter was celluloid, which is no longer used for anything but the production of ping pong balls. However, plastics in general are something I use nearly for everything. Most of my storage is done through plastic containers because they are generally lightweight and are transparent, allowing me to know exactly what is inside. However, I am also…

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  • Wolfe And Swickard Case

    Service and Process Design An analysis has been done to pinpoint a potential customer for Wolfe & Swickard in a new industry. The target market consists of small companies in the defense contracting industry. Migrating into this target market will open up a new potential product line for Wolfe & Swickard’s extensive part library. The parts demanded by the target market and Victoria, the target markets persona, are in conjunction with contracts and plans implemented by the government to…

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  • A Passionate Golf Player

    have gathered 5 geeky golf gadgets for passionate players. Consider to use a Ballfinder Scout What can be worse than losing all the time your balls? The Ballfinder Scout is a smart gadget which will hunt the balls for you. Don't imagine that it will be able to rescue the balls that landed in the water or those ones which are covered by grass, but if a ball is one percent visible, the Ballfinder will search up to 600 square feet in a few seconds. This handheld device comes with a 3.2-megapixel…

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