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  • The Impact Of Lean Manufacturing In India

    The “Make in India” campaign launched recently by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is aimed at making India a manufacturing hub and thereby bringing about economic transformation in the country. One of the major objectives of the vision is to make the manufacturing sector contribute to about 22% of the GDP by 2022, going up from the dismal 12.89% in 2013. Going by the 2013 Deloitte Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, China is ranked 1, while India is ranked fourth having…

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  • Case Study: Tata Nano: The People's Car

    Robb Hernandez December 14,2014 Dr. Fairbairn MBA 652 Tata Nano: The People’s Car I. Key Marketing While the Tata Nano may have been touted as a game changer in the auto industry in India as the least expensive vehicle a “car for everyone” it lacked a clear pricing strategy, market segmentation strategy, and an import-export strategy. II. Situation Analysis 5 c’s Company: A conglomerate that has international ties to engineering, energy, information systems, materials, services,…

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  • Harley Davidson Porter's Five Forces

    Introduction Nowadays “Globalization” has become the catchphrase for the last few decades. We can witness the sudden change of capital, trade and information around the world, stimulated by high-tech modernization from the global internet to direct shipment of products. The global economy has transformed and reshaped the social, economic and political landscape in an ineffaceable and profound way. Globalization has dissected national borders; free trade has enhanced economic incorporation and…

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  • Case Study On Royal Enfield

    Turnaround strategy for Royal Enfield Divesting the non-performing businesses Siddhartha Lal was all of 26 when he took over as CEO of Royal Enfield in 2000. If you had spent Rs 55,000 to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle in 2001, you would now have an old, rugged bike. But if you had invested the same Rs 55,000 in shares (at Rs 17.50 per share) of Eicher Motors, the company that makes Enfield bikes, your investment will be worth Rs 4.75 crore now. The twin credit for building a rugged bike as well…

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