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  • American Racing League Case Study

    Question 1 Indy Racing League IRL, an open wheel racing automobile racing series formed due to the split between Indy Car and CART, a sanctioning body of open wheel auto racing. The split was due to many conflicts between both the bodies out of which the main conflict is widely believed to be the Indian Polis 500, the most popular racing event owned by Tony George of Indy Racing League. CART allotted some points to drivers taking part in the Indian Polis 500 despite the event being the most…

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  • Phonemic Awareness Literature Review

    The title of the article is called “The Stop and Go Phonemic Awareness Game: Providing Modeling, Practice, and Feedback” and it is written by Jill Howard Allor, Kristin A. Gansle, and R. Kenton Denny. The authors define phonemic awareness as “the ability to recognize the individual sounds within spoken words” and it is a critical skill needed to be successful with reading acquisition (Allor, Gansle, & Denny, 2006). The authors discuss the importance of explicitly teaching phonemic awareness…

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  • Informative Essay On Nascar

    When most people think of sports, the first thing that comes to mind is probably football, basketball, maybe baseball, or soccer - usually a competition that involves a type of ball and two teams going head to head. But NASCAR is a different kind of sport, it is a motorsport. Forty purpose-built race cars with a team of pit crews, engineers, and mechanics battle every week on a variety of racetracks across the country. Just like any other sport, NASCAR has its own rules of competition, scheduled…

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  • Why Is Dirt Track Racing Exciting

    on asphalt tracks and was killed at Daytona Speedway February 21, 2001. Racing on asphalt and dirt tracks can be dangerous but also very fun to watch. Dirt track racing is very competitive and is more exciting to watch compared to all the types of auto racing. Dirt track racing is more competitive because they are always bumping and hitting each other to get in front. The drivers are not afraid to put their cars in tight spots and sometimes even hit the wall to take the lead. The track is…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Twisted Jackson Hanson

    The Twisted Jackson Hanson was working on his one of a kind 1958 Flathead V8 motor in the pitch black, Jackson was beat after working his midnight shift at the local car shop. He was trying to improve the flathead V8 motor because he was set to compete in the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car show was in the next two days so he wanted it ready for this great event. After a while, Jackson had to go to the bathroom and he heard something drop from the building. He rushed outside to check what…

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  • Wiper Blades Essay

    Wiper blades are devices used to remove rain, debris, snow, and ice from the windscreen. They are also known as windshield wipers or windscreen wipers. They are used by most driven machines including motor vehicles, watercraft, train locomotives and aircraft. They are usually a legal requirement for most of these crafts. A wiper usually consists of metal arm balanced at one end and a long rubber blade attached to the other end. The metal arm is mostly powered by electric motor. The rubber blade…

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  • The Importance Of Manual Driving In America

    The necessity of driving is generally taken for granted in America. We do it every day, as we have for many generations. The technology used in transportation has steadily improved, from horses and buggies to the modern car. Therefore, it is logical that fewer and fewer people would have the skills needed to operate older, ‘outdated’ models. This includes stickshifts. Very few Americans have the ability to drive a manual transmission. It is not terribly difficult to learn, and the benefits are…

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  • Lexus Research Paper

    Its compact frame, sporty looks, and exceptional fuel economy are among the standout features of the 2017 Lexus CT200h, the smallest of five Lexus hybrid models. The front-wheel drive CT is mechanically similar to the previous-generation Toyota Prius, but this four-door hatchback wears its Lexus badge well. Offering room for up to five, the 2017 Lexus CT200h is powered by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine, and two electric motors. Power is sent to the front wheels by a continuously variable…

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  • Dale Earnhardt: Race Car Driver

    Would you have taken a ride with this man? Dale Earnhardt. That is all that has to be said if you live in North Carolina or are a Nascar fan. His driving made him famous. His personality was playful, but when he crawled in a race car he was all business. Dale was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina.. He grew up watching his dad drive dirt track race cars. This early exposure to racing helped Dale to make the decision to become a race car driver. He ran his first Nascar race on May 25th, 1975 in…

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  • Baldridge Self: Organizational Analysis

    ?Auto Plus is a company of automotive professionals and enthusiasts committed to providing you with a superior selection of name-brand products, the advanced technologies and an approach to service that?s unmatched throughout the industry.? (27) By become one unit with Auto Plus, Pep Boys will have a strategical advantage over it competitors. In one of the interviews, the new CEO of both…

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