Baldridge Self: Organizational Analysis

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Organizational Analysis.
The Organizational Analysis unit of this paper provides the overview of the Baldridge Self ? Assessment questionnaire and the results that were gathered together by applying my knowledge about the Pep Boys company and company?s operations, strategy, politics, workforce, policies and etc. The purpose of this self-assessment is to ?evaluate organization?s processes, their impact on results, and the progress toward company?s goals and objectives.? (19) The questionnaire consists of two parts P1 & P2, each of them concentrates on the different aspects of the company. The P1 part calls the Organizational Description, the questions there evolve around organizational environment and organizational relationships. The P2 part
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I was surprised to see that only 67% found this question to be easy. I would think that companies know their main competitors and not ?shy? to inform the public about them.
Regarding the questions about competitive data and the sources for this data, as an online analyst, one of my responsibilities is to do competitive analysis, and I can state that the whole process can take weeks to accomplish. The problem is that competitors don?t share their inside information about the company or their marketing strategies to the public, so my process of putting together the presentation consists of the researching competitor?s websites, marketing campaigns, changes in the strategy and etc. and then comparing all of this to the historical data that was gathered for previous reports. In my opinion, its very sketchy that 60% and more answered those questions as an ?easy? answer. There is a lot of high level information about industries and companies relatively available for public, but to get the actionable data, you need to dig deep which is possible but not
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?Auto Plus is a company of automotive professionals and enthusiasts committed to providing you with a superior selection of name-brand products, the advanced technologies and an approach to service that?s unmatched throughout the industry.? (27) By become one unit with Auto Plus, Pep Boys will have a strategical advantage over it competitors. In one of the interviews, the new CEO of both companies, Brent Windom stated, ?Every competitor brings a set of challenges. Larger-scaled organizations bring competitive leverage and regional independents are nimble and very market centric. Our organization will be structured to compete on both fronts to meet and exceed market expectations.?

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