Effects Of Globalization In The Automotive Industry

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The recent trend of globalization has had a significant effect on many different industries, including the automotive industry. The automotive industry is a relatively new industry that was sparked by the industrial revolution and pushed into the day-to-day lives of many through the power of major oil companies. Finding an efficient mass transportation system for people has been a consistent issue that even today we have yet to solve. The introduction of the automobile and highway systems is the closest we have come to solving this everlasting problem. Before the automobile, there were other systems of mass transit, such as the early street railways like the Pacific electric red cars of Los Angeles. These systems dominated transportation of most major U.S. cities until the mid 20th century, when the auto industry took off. Globalization has ultimately lead to the steady downfall of the supply chain in terms of working conditions and wages.
As industries expand, the ability to find workers to staff the menial, but also fundamental jobs, becomes difficult. According to Bloomberg, a financial analyst
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This expansion into other countries, or globalization, has many pros and cons. The main positive reason for globalization is that it provides jobs to people who live in third world countries, who previously had jobs with worse working conditions. Although, sadly it is nearly impossible to provide stable and safe working conditions for everyone in the world, but efforts to monitor and take action in these supply chain mistreatments need to be taken by the companies expanding into these areas as more steps need to be taken than raising the wages. Globalization will be the key to creating an efficient global economy that is fair for as many people as possible, but getting to that point will not be completely easy as we have all of these issues facing

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