How Detroit Became The Automotive Capital Of The World?

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To what extent did the invention and development of the automobile affect the United States’ engagement in increasing fuel efficiency?

A: Plan of The Investigation. The objective of this investigation is to research the question of the development of the automobile’s influence on fuel efficiency relative to the whole of United States fuel efficiency on a residential, commercial, and industrial scale. Fuel is defined by Merriam Webster as “a material (such as coal, oil, or gas) that is burned to produce heat or power”, and it will be used as such along the length of this investigation. This investigation will facilitate many sources and analyze the information that they present, and determine the answer to the question. B: Summary of evidence.
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The book itself is written in topical order, because it shows said events in a list form, but with connections placed between the events.
Some of the events listed in the book were, for example, the invention of a new way of drilling for petroleum by driving a pipe in the ground to prevent other materials from getting in the way of the petroleum. Another example is of the gradual research of more efficient and powerful engines.
This book is critical to the investigation because of the plentiful amount of information present in the book that displays the automobile’s industrial contributions (in the instance of how its research and development led to many modern marvels.), as well as its polluting ability leading to the pursuit of increasing fuel efficiency on a worldwide level.
“The End of Detroit” - By Micheline
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This is important because a large portion of modern day is heavily focused towards achieving very high levels of efficiency and “saving the environment”, these ideals are present in not just the auto industry now, but all areas of industry, commerce, and residential society. Automobiles even today are seen as the largest source of air pollution in the United States, and automotive manufacturers are developing ways to reducing the amount of pollution produced by automobiles. The technology and motives brought up from the discovery of global warming spread very quickly across society, and led to the United States government placing incentives favoring more economical cars, and those motives spread to other fields, leading to restrictions being placed on pollution- heavy industry, as well as waste disposal. These ideas spread quickly, beginning at about the time a movie titled “Koyaanisqatsi”, which is a documentary focused on humanities damage on Earth, from pollution to infrastructure. The evidence, including the websites provided below, primarily define the history of the car; however, they are filled with value towards the issue at hand, as the issue of fuel efficiency and efficiency on the whole are firmly displayed in many of them, as well as the pursuit of practicality on a energy

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