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  • How To Write An Essay On I Am Malala

    Imagine you are a teenaged girl who has had school banned, who has been shot in the head, and who has been tragically separated from her home, friends ,and family. This scenario sounds terrible. What if I told you that this actually happened to a girl in Pakistan? Malala is now 19 and has endured all of that and more. The Taliban had come and told people that girls should not be allowed to go to school, so it was banned. Malala loved school so she got her dad who was running the girls school keep it open and the girls snuck to school. Reading I am Malala changed my perspective on school and even life. One lesson I learned from the book was to believe in myself. In I am Malala even after the Taliban had school for girls banned she did not give up. After she got shot she still did not give up. If she could go through all of that without giving up then why should I give up on ideas that I believe in? Furthermore, if you want something bad enough and try your hardest you can accomplish anything, and she did. She believed that girls have the right to school so she “spoke out to anyone who would listen”(72). After she did not give up she wanted school so bad she made it happen. If she can do what her heart was set on why can’t I? One of the most important lessons the book taught me it was that no one can tell you who you are. When the Taliban put her on the kill list and the town hated women she stood up and did what she thought was right. No one was going to tell her to get…

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  • Research Paper On I Am Malala

    At this point in my reading about “I am Malala”, I am intrigued on how many obstacles Malala and her family and others of this country had to endure each and every day in order to live. They had to deal with floods, earthquakes, destruction to their homes and schools and the worst part of living there was dealing with the bombings and the Taliban. Malala’s father believed in education so much so that he started a school to educate girls and boys. He was starting to become a known figure in…

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  • Genocide Group: The Taliban

    In Afghanistan on October 10, 1994, a genocide group was created called the Taliban. The founders of the Taliban is Muhammad Omar, Hamid Gul, Baitullah Mehsud, and Abdul Ghani Baradar. The word Taliban can also be spelled Taleban, the word comes from Arabic and means religious students. They use a strict form of the Islamic Law Sharia. The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement, that's constantly waging war in Afghanistan. The main leader of the Taliban was Muhammad Omar until…

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  • Malala Yousafzai: A Cultural Conflict

    Conflict is a type of conflict or problem when different groups of people with different beliefs and values start arguments with each other. The . Malala Yousafzai was born on the 12th of July,1997. She lived in Mingora, Pakistan. Malala is an activist who uses actions and strong words to support or oppose something, it is also when someone takes direct action to complete and reach their goal. Malala’s political goal was to stand up for women's education in Pakistan. On October 9th, 2012 a…

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  • The Taliban And Counter-Terrorism

    Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban hosted training camps and leaders under their controlled territories (Afsar, 2008). After the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, Omar refused to extradite Bin-Laden, and in response triggered Operation Enduring Freedom which led to the collapse of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda both in Afghanistan (Afsar, 2008). The fighters melted into society and the leaders went underground. They later emerged as the core of an insurgency in Pakistan (Afsar,…

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  • Analysis: From Hammer And Anvil To Drones

    American personnel can target the enemies without actually crossing border and risking their life. The first drone strike inside Pakistani territory took place in 2004 and since then there have been 424 strikes in which 2500 men, women and children lost their lives. Refrence The question remains whether the drone strikes are a violation of Pakistan’s Sovereignty and territorial integrity or there is more to it. Pakistan has publically denounced all drone…

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