Gastrocnemius muscle

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  • Gastrocnemius Case Study

    Definition : Gastrocnemius strain is injury to muscle. Also known as Tennis leg. The strains are injuries affect tendons ,muscles and thick band that attach muscle to bones. (Dixon,2009) The grades of strains: Characteristics Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Muscle or tendon damage Few fibers torn Less half fibers torn Rupture Swelling Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe Muscle spasm Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe Range of motion decrease Decreased Decreased Increased or decreased from swelling Pain with passive motion Yes Yes No Muscle weakness Mild Moderate-severe Moderate-severe Pain with resistive motion Mild Moderate-severe None- mild (Michael Higgins,2011) Pathophysiology : The gastrocnemius…

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  • Calf Muscle Procedure

    basketball players, gymnasts, and dancers, and even more common in athletes who are advancing in age. The calf muscle consists of nine different muscles; the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris muscles attach onto the heel bone and they all work together to produce the upward and downward motion of the foot (calf raise). The other six muscles cause knee, toe, and foot movements in different directions, however those muscles are not relevant to this particular study. The muscle we focused on was…

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  • Muscles In The Human Body

    types of muscles within the human body that aid the body with movement while a few also helps with stabilizing the bones (Allen and Harper 2014). Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth are the three types of muscular tissues found within the body (Tortora and Derrickson 2014). The heart is made out of cardiac muscle tissue and that is striated (Tortora and Derrickson 2014). The walls of the hollow organs of the human body are made with smooth muscle tissues that are non-striated (Tortora and Derrickson…

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  • Hamstrings Sufficiency Essay

    degrees when knee was relaxed, and a measurement of only 9 degrees when knee was flexed. The rectus femoris in the right leg of my peer is also passively insufficient, with a measurement of 14 degrees when knee was relaxed, and a measurement of only 12 degrees when knee was flexed. However, the rectus femoris of her left leg is passively sufficient. This is because her left hip’s range of motion when both her knee was relaxed and when her knee was flexed was 15 degrees. Gastrocnemius…

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  • Preventing Knee Injuries

    Preventing knee injuries in sports is a complex problem. Of major importance are effective physical conditioning, rehabilitation and skill development, and shoe type. The routine use of protective bracing may be a questionable practice. Physical Conditioning and Rehabilitation: To avoid knee injuries, the athlete must be as highly conditioned as possible, which means total body conditioning that includes strength, neuromuscular control, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscle endurance, agility,…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Improve Knee Pain

    I would rarely do leg work and this was the #1 problem why I was in so much pain. I used to hate doing leg exercises, I am still not a huge fan of doing a leg day workout but every time I go into the gym I will do my leg work. Dealing with knee pain is not fun at all. If you are dealing with knee pain, you should not have to suffer. Take the time to work on these tips because they really helped me on illuminating my knee pain! 3 Ways to Improve Knee Pain. Strengthen Those Buns, Hammies and…

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  • Curricular Relaxation Lab Report

    With an increase of neural stimulation an increase in muscle mass can occur. Neuronal stimulation occurs during exercise. During exercise there is an increase in the amount of contractions produced in the muscle. In turn, this can result in an increase of the mass of muscle fiber. In turn, this change in muscle fiber increases the capacity for ATP production. Different types of exercises create a different change within the muscle. There are two types of exercise training, high intensity and low…

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  • Subtalar Joint Position

    In this article, different subtalar joint positioning during gastrocnemius stretching was investigated to conclude wether or not the position of the subtalar joint had significant effect on dorsiflexion ROM. . Patients with ankle oversee injuries, and patients with limited dorsiflexion ROM, are often prescribed stretches for the gastrocnemius calf muscle as part of their rehab program. (JAT, NATA). The idea behind this is that the tight calf muscles may have an negative effect on reaching…

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  • Deltoid Ankle Research Paper

    What would happen if we had no ankles? Ankles are crucial to our movement and play a huge part in moving our feet and walking. The ankle is a large joint made up of three main bones. These three main bones are the tibia, the fibula and the talus which all join together to make the ankle joint which helps control movement in your foot.The ankle contributes to a lot of lower limb stability which allows humans to run, jump and perform various other activities which require moving.The ankles…

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  • Major Surface Muscles

    1. The major surface muscles include the following: Trapezius, Deltoids, latissimus dorsi, Pectoralis major, Biceps, Triceps, Rectus femoris, bicep femoris, semitendinosus, Gluteus muscles, abdominals, Lateral Gastrocnemius, serratus dorsi, external oblique, and soleus. Trapezius- Origin: Upper: Base of skull, Occipital protuberance and posterior ligaments of neck. Middle: spinous process of 7C and T1-T3 Lower: Spinous process of T4-T12 Insertion: Upper: Posterior aspect of the lateral…

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