Iola Leroy

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    Within March and many different primary sources, an array of themes are revealed and reflected upon, often discussing life during the 19th century in America. Through such themes, the constant joys and struggles of life are divulged. For instance, the theme of hypocrisy is introduced in a multitude of 19th century sources, including speeches and poems. However, the theme of hypocrisy is expanded upon in March by the characters of Mr. March and Marmee, as their ideals often juxtapose their actions. Hence, both March and the different primary sources combine to demonstrate the timeless theme of hypocrisy, addressing the notion of what is promised and what is truly given. Through the various primary sources, a theme of hypocrisy is introduced, revealing the constant contradiction of freedom in America during the 19th century. This theme is exemplified in America, a poem written by James Whitfield. The poem begins with the lines, “America, it is to thee, / Thou boasted land of liberty, - / It is to thee I raise my song, / Thou land of blood, and crime, and wrong” (Whitfield 1- 4). Within the first four lines of the poem, Whitfield introduces the notion that America, albeit boasting of freedom, is truly a land of wrongdoing. This idea is further enhanced later in the poem, as it is mentioned, “Oh no; they fought, as they believed, / For the inherent rights of man; / But mark, how they have been deceived / By slavery’s accursed plan” (Whitfield 37 - 40). Through the latter lines,…

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    Crime is all a matter of perspective. To many people, crime is a distant idea for them, but it is always present in the world. It is something unacceptable that is looked down upon and is punishable by law. But to others, crime is the only option they are compelled to. The government has seemingly given up on them and they have nowhere else to go to acquire food in their stomachs and maybe a little bit of protection. Some commit crimes to feel alive, to feel that feeling of adventure and danger.…

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    for a group of intellectuals to rise and lead the black race. The idea of a “Talented Tenth” is discussed through select characters in the novel Iola Leroy by Frances Harper: Iola Leroy, Harry Leroy, Robert Johnson, and Dr. Latimer. Harper not only contemplates the mechanics behind the “Talented Tenth” through character development, but also through the dichotomous nature of conversations throughout the novel. Iola and Harry Leroy are clear choices to represent the black community because they…

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