Baddeley's model of working memory

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  • 8-Week Hatha Yoga Intervention

    University in the Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies in Detroit Michigan. Background The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of an 8-week Hatha yoga intervention on executive function measures of task switching and working memory…

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  • Working Memory Abilities

    different research that proposed to explain how working memory capacity and different processing strategies enhance or interfere with memory performance. Although the literature cover different research, this review will focus in encoding and retrieval process of information, and the importance of working memory capacity. There is an important relation between individual differences in Working Memory Capacity (WMC) and retrieving information from long-term memory (LTM). In this literature review…

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  • The Importance Of Citizen Science

    Introduction In spite of the nebulousness inherent in determining and measuring expertise, crowdsourcing systems in research and practice that seek to acquire distributed knowledge (e.g. citizen science) indicate a preference for expert contributors. To ensure information quality (IQ), consumers – users of data acquired from such crowdsourcing projects – implement gatekeeping strategies that vary in degree of subtleness and intentionality. These gatekeeping strategies stem from the underlying…

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  • Minnie's Case Study

    Minnie presented for the evaluation session wearing age appropriate, casual clothing. Minnie’s grooming appeared adequate. She was assessed during four sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. She used her right hand during the examination. Minnie did not appear to have any visual or auditory difficulties. Although a positive behavior incentive system was used during testing, Minnie was observed to have a great deal of difficulty. During administration of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for…

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  • Reconstruction Of Automobile Destruction Analysis

    language and memory. Journal Of Verbal Learning And Verbal Behavior, 13, 585-589. The article “Reconstruction of automobile destruction: An example of the interaction between language and memory” by Elizabeth F. Loftus and John C. Palmer was to investigate whether different verbs used to describe an automobile accidents would alter participants’ memory remembering the automobile accidents. The problem being adressed is how the different verbs could affect the witnesses’ memories. The…

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  • Theories Of Sensory Memory

    Memory is the central of cognitive system. Memory is considered as storehouse of items. Without memory the cognitive system is struck here and now.It is the repositary of knowledge that guide intelligent action or make sense of world. Basically the memory system has 3 important tasks to perform. Encoding ,Storage & Retrieval. Informations from the world will be represented and stored.Some theories hold that memory is a network of nodes that associate connections among them. Memory is…

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  • The Multi-Store Model Of Memory

    think of their memory as a fairly simple thing, they either have a good or bad memory. Psychologists however categorize memory into into different types of memory, based on the information stored and how long it is stored. These different types of memory are held in 'stores', consisting of the sensory, short-term and long-term memory. The multi-store model of memory was proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin in 1968. The first store of memory is the sensory memory. This 'store' of memory is the…

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  • Blasi's Theory Of Mind Analysis

    According to Bjorklund and Hernandez-Blasi (2012), the theory of mind is how a child develops the perception of mental activity. It is being able to predict how the mind works and organizing facts. Once a child is able to understand how the mind works and what causes their behaviors they can understand what causes the actions of others. Theory of mind requires belief-desire reasoning. Belief -desire reasoning proposed the idea that people predict and explain what others do based on what they…

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  • Verbal Working Memory Study

    Contribution of Verbal Working Memory to Deaf Children’s Oral and Written Production Barbara Arfé, Cristina Rossi, and Silvia Sicoli In the past, many studies have been made for the oral and written capabilities of deaf children. But this journal focuses on the same factors but with their working memory. The children who participated in this study were severely or profoundly deaf and aged from eight to thirteen years old. In specific, they focused on the verbal working memory because this…

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  • Media Multitasking: A Literature Review

    Introduction The world is inundated with the media and multitasking. Therefore, with information so readily accessible that it seems almost impossible for your working and short-term memory to retrieve and hold memory in the mind. This article investigated how the attention of impulse relates to level of which participants multitasked with the media. The study hypothesized that frequent multitasking induces psychosocial and cognitive differences or whether the participants with these differences…

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