Augmentative and alternative communication

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  • Social Model Of Disability Study

    Warnock was striving to achieve a social model of disability which recognises that the limiting factor for disabled people in achieving their potential is being included effectively, rather than their inability to fit into pre-existing structures (Cole, 2008). Linked to this is the ever more widely held view that the provision, in all areas of society, received by disabled people should be based upon legislation that governs human rights (Hodkinson and Vickerman, 2009). The rights-based model…

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  • Scotty Autism Spectrum Disorder

    remaining under ASD (Autism Society, 2016). It is common for individuals who have ASD to experience trouble with communication, behavior, and social abilities. Communication skills that can be affected by ASD include learning to read or write, learning a language and using words, and using and understanding body language or gestures. As a result of the impairment of these communication skills, it may be difficult to keep a conversation or attention of an individual with ASD. Behaviorally,…

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  • Case Study: Blue Orb Inc.

    Description of the Company Blue Orb Inc is headquartered out of Maitland, Florida. Blue Orb Inc bring the world a new product, the OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard. The small private company created by Dr. Peter McAlindon started in 1997. Dr. McAlindon developed the technology for OrbiTouch as an industrial engineering doctoral student at the University of Central Florida (1994). After experiencing repetitive stress injuries in his hands due to typing he researched and designed a keyboard that…

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  • Apraxia Of Speech Essay

    articulators to produce speech. Studies of the brain have proved this theory to be wrong because there is no evidence of the brain having a different structure. Most children with this disorder have a family history involving learning disabilities and communication disorders (Apraxia of Speech,…

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  • Speech Language Pathologist Research Paper

    impairment is becoming more frequent and the need for speech-language pathologists is growing. There are many concerns about the lack of speech-language pathologist and this all revolves around what people know about this type of therapy. The fact that communication disorders are “among the most common type of disabilities in the United States”, the knowledge people have of the profession needs…

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  • Importance Of Effective Communication In Children

    INTRODUCTION: Being able to express ones’ self in an effective manner is a vital thing that everyone must learn to do. They say that Communication is an essential part of our daily life where thoughts and ideas, feelings emotions, likes, and dislikes is exchanged. When it comes to children, it is already given that adults can’t be choosy or particular about how they say their words or how they express themselves. They are still in the process of learning and most people think that, with little…

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  • Speech-Language Pathology In Health Care

    "direct treatment." Integrating Patient Issues The speech-language pathologist in this setting is responsible for integrating relevant patient issues and variables into clinical decision making. The following factors must be considered. * Communication and swallowing diagnoses * Etiology and previous medical conditions * Previous functional level and social situation * Severity of…

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  • The Characteristics Of Autism And Asperger's Syndrome

    and include details that may or may not hold true for every individual on the spectrum. The characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder present with remarkable heterogeneity; however, the core features of ASD include (a) impairments in social communication,…

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  • Differentiated Instruction Principles

    1. Identify the principles of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction involves using different types of instruction and learning strategies to meet the needs of students with different learning needs. Every student is unique and not all students learn the same way, that is why it is important for teachers to use differentiated instruction in both the general education and inclusive classroom. There are different principles that guide planning and implementing differentiated…

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  • The Importance Of Inclusion And Diversity In The Classroom

    INTRODUCTION In this day and age, we now have students with special needs in a regular general education classroom. But, did you know that before inclusion, most students who had disabilities, learning difficulties, and special needs were uneducated? That before they were accepted in regular classrooms, they were placed in schools that were designed especially for their needs and disabilities? That these students with special needs were segregated and put in separate classrooms to learn?…

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