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  • Fine Arts Education In Schools Essay

    hundreds flooding art museums in numerous cities, and people gathered in music halls all over the United States listening to performers at a concert, praising the musicians and artists for their talents. The fine arts industry generates around $300 billion dollars a year (National Assembly of State Arts Agency). The debate of whether or not fine arts should be taught in schools across the United States continues to go against fine arts education. Every year the budget for fine arts seems to…

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  • Comparing Jackson Pollock And John Cage

    and make art now a days. Without these two monumental art figures, the art we know and love today would be very much different. Both of these artist share fantastic attributes that make them great and also have differences that are each great in their own spectacular, interesting, ways! The two are almost like puzzle pieces how they complement each other in their art forms…

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  • Art In School

    I believe that art should be presented in school, because it is not something people think that it still exists, for example I believe that if I were to show the creations of art, music,dance, sporting actitivty, or even literature it is important because these topics are something people don’t really pay attention to. I feel like this is not as much demanding in schools as lt was before when I was in elementary school. I have a sister who is in elementary school now, and she has her assignments…

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  • A Comparative Analysis Of Hip-Hop And Graffiti

    difficult time accepting new ideas. One idea in particular that has a hard time being customary is unfamiliar art forms, especially hip-hop and graffiti. Both these art form gained importance in the 1970s and 1980s and even though they were accepted by certain communities of people, they were still a controversial issue. The main reason being, some of the general public did not accept them as valuable art forms. Supporters argue hip-hop and graffiti is powerful, while critics argue they are…

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  • Should The Arts Be Considered Unimportant In Today's Society

    people who thrive in the arts. Now wait a minute... the arts? Andy Warhol was the only artist out of the three? Actually, Beyonce, Zac Efron and Andy Warhol are all representatives of the fine arts because of their professional backgrounds. All three are looked at as the top of society. Many people who are considered famous or role models in society are from music, theatre, or art backgrounds... but then why are so many of these programs being cut from schools? Fine arts should…

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  • Ghetto Life 101 Analysis

    Many artists have given countless different reasons to why art is important to not just the culture, but to the lives of every individual. Some may say that art is vital for catharsis or taste or simply entertainment. One of the most accepted answers is for art to provide a perspective that most individuals do not get to witness in their daily lives. Art can introduce people to a whole new world that they didn’t understand before or find comfort for individuals who think they are alone in this…

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  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

    As a child, I was obsessed with art and music, at the age of three I began learning how to play the piano and by the age of twelve I had mastered playing twelve instruments. Along with music, I was fascinated by art with a special interest in paintings. These hobbies helped me to develop my creativity and my motor skills. Art also helped me to cope with my ADHD, and it has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of life for kids suffering with ADHD. “Art therapy uses the processes of…

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  • Dorothy Allison Disagrees: The Purpose Of Art

    point of views. Art is just like these controversial topics. Art is a mystery. More specifically, the purpose of it. Art comes in many different forms: mosaic, painting, masks, jewelry, sculpture, baskets, music, photography, video, computer animation, etc.… The list is never ending. As is our interpretations of them. The purpose of art, in my opinion, is for enjoyment. As Pablo Picasso puts it “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Meaning that art is the…

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  • Literature Vs Knowledge

    asked if “literature can tell the truth better than other arts or areas of knowledge”, we see that even though literature, being one of the oldest forms of conveying a message, dating all the way back to approximately the year three thousand B.C, it may not necessarily be the best way of acquiring knowledge, which in term could be interpreted as the ultimate basis for what we call “truth”. Because of this, other areas of knowledge and other art forms must be taken into consideration, and whilst…

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  • Visual Arts Curriculum Essay

    Arts curriculum in early childhood education overall is the opportunity to let children use their imaginations, and to let them succeed to the best of their abilities. As schools become more advanced, many children are seeing the potential of some form of art education, and what it can do for them in the future. For many kids today, the arts establish a foundation beyond everyday learning. The two most common types of arts curriculum is visual arts and performing arts, with a focus in music,…

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