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  • Why Is Music A Universal Language

    and message delivery is art. Everything that informs us about ancient cultures is in the form of art whether through scriptures, drawings or writings. When words failed us as a universal language, Art was the link between ancient civilizations and modern When both words and some forms of art failed as a means of universal communication another form of Virtuosity prevailed in conveying a message to a assorted…

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  • How Did Chuck Close Saved My Life

    Chuck Close “Art saved my life.” This quote is from Chuck Close, a famous artist who paints photorealism, a type of art genre where an artist attempts to reproduce images as realistically as possible, and is of whom this essay is about. Now, I’m not writing about Close because he is dead, oh no, he is very much alive at the age of 76 years. No, the real reason I’m writing about him is that he is an amazing artist and overcome many this and that it was he who was picked by my teacher for the…

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  • Knowledge Vs Religion Essay

    The mind is a complex term that is always changing and forming. It is not easy to define the mind but it can be proven to exist. Throughout the ages the perception of human kind has always changed. It is human nature to change and become a different self but the person always stays the same. Now in the present, the topic of history is presented in almost every school to promote the mistakes done by certain groups of people. The reason this is made is because without knowing the mistakes and…

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  • Art Therapy Essay

    3. Art has always been a large area of my life. I have been drawing with a pencil and eraser since I could hold them. My passion over the years has increased in art but I did not want to pursue it by itself. The more I thought about what I wanted to do as a career, I knew I wanted to help people. Art can help so many people by drawing and by viewing, a story lays on every canvas. I have recently developed a passion for drug addicts; I have made several friends with recovering drug addicts.…

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  • Experiencing Humanity

    expressed emotions and experiences through many different ways: sculpture, architecture, dance, music, literature, and many more. As these many unique works have been recorded, they have been able to have great impacts on those who have been privileged to witness it. Meher Baba, an Indian mystic, once taught that, “Art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others.” Art throughout history has defined cultures, helped us understand people and emotions; it has…

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  • Promoting Self-Expression In Older Adults

    joy. Older adults may even develop a new interest in different activities that they did not have time for at one point in their life. The activities may just need a couple adaptations. However, being able to take part in leisure activities such as music, art and social activities that…

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  • Comparing Plato's Republic And Elaine Scarry On Beauty

    of the issue of art being too beautiful and, in a way, what happens when a piece of art is overly politized. Despite the initial issues with something being either too political or too beautiful, it ultimately appears that without their counterpart they are able to accomplish their goal. However, one has advantage over the other in this regard and is able to exhibit the problems that come from completely separating the two. To Plato, a perfect society is one that is devoid of art. He first…

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  • How Music Affects Your Life

    Everyone has something artistic they adore, whether it be art or music. It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy anything. Art, music and films all have the capability to affect my thinking, feelings and emotional state. It is intriguing how just thee hearing sounds of films or music and looking at art can have a huge impact on my life. They all comfort me, take me to a whole different world. These things can affect your life in a number of ways, but I believe that the most important…

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  • The Importance Of Culture And The Arts

    In this essay, it will be further discuss on the question whether culture and the arts should be funded if they are not profitable. According to Edward Tylor, “culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” (Tylor, 1889). Culture and arts is an important element that the people today should not neglect, as it is present in every society and nation. It also represents the society…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Is Art?

    It only goes to show that the question that more than likely receives the most generic answers from an audience, can also be the hardest to answer truthfully. What is art? If you were to ask a group of one thousand people that very question, the chances are that the majority of them would answer it by saying something along the lines of “It is and expression of yourself and how you feel” and “Painting, drawing, sculpting, and photographs.” I refuse to be restricted to these two categories, only…

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