Importance Of Art And Visual Media

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In art visual media can be considered as more important than audio media.
The essay title we were given was “In art visual media can be considered as more important than audio media”.. In this essay I will be talking about art visual media and audio media from my own personal knowledge.Their Pros and Cons. Discuss with examples how they compliment each other. Also link it together with relevances to Multimedia. Then have a conclusion on which I feel is more important overall.

Art Visual Media
Visual art discovered and dated way back with the stone age people. They were the first people to invent a type of art using stones and rocks. They created rock paintings in caves and it was considered a form of communication between their
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His music was recognised widely because it brought out different types of emotion from people listening to his music. He is a big Influence on the music industry and is well known around the world today. Sound/Music is a very powerful media. Now a days films/movies, music videos, video games and so on consists of music or sound to convey emotions. To bring out a certain theme .Through sounds of instruments we can convey a feel/emotion. Make people think of certain things or imagine/picture something while hearing a sound/music because it would sound familiar or can relate to these sounds. People can be easily manipulated through music. When you listen to music you will alway feel something or behave differently because it changes your mood. The change of tempo speed if it’s fast or slow can also affect your body. For example when you dance you might do a particular dance move which you think matches the music. The pace you would do the dance move would match the tempo of the music piece. You can see what I mean in my examples later in my essay. While listening to music it said chemicals are released in the brain which affects your hormones and this is why you change your behaviour and this is why I believe sound/music are very powerful type of media. I can easily change your state of mind and can bring you into a different world like the setting of the …show more content…
I feel in a professional perspective visual and audio medias are both equally as important split down right in the middle 50/50. I understand that audio should be on the same playing field as visuals. People really undermine that movies/video games would be nothing without sound effects and music. But the same could be said for the other way around sound effects and music is nothing without the visuals to aid them. Composers are really discredited for there work they put in.
I think visuals are more vital to our everyday life. You can live without audio more then visuals. I think most people would agree on that. If you asked which human sense is more important hearing or seeing. I think majority of people would say seeing. If you think of visuals and audios as languages. People can easier grasp what is going on with visuals compared to audio. For simple example it’s alway easier to show someone something visual then to understand it with speech through mouth.
The essay is my own opinion and based on my own knowledge and experiences with both types of

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