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  • Zines: A Critical Analysis

    to learn and understand the concept of zines and what they mean culturally and socially. In chapter eight, the author discusses how young people will make their own magazines when they can not find an established magazine to submit their writings or art into. The younger generations have a need to see their reflection in the media, so they will seek out zines, lyrical writings and electronic text that they feel speaks to them. When a young person cannot find a text that suits themselves, they…

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  • Definition Of Art Essay

    Art is a very broad topic. There are a lot of things that can be considered art. Everything from paintings to carpentry can be considered art. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines art as, “Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” Some people may not agree with this definition. There can be good art and bad art, but at the end of the day if it is an expression of somebody’s emotions or thoughts, it’s art, whether…

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  • Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, The Great Gatsby And The Last Of Us

    are many pieces of work which are generally accepted as art. For example, one would likely agree that Beethoven 's Seventh Symphony, The Great Gatsby, and the Mona Lisa are exquisite examples of artistry. There is, however, a certain category of art which does not always get the recognition it deserves as an art form. Containing many of the same elements as these other artistic pieces, video games should be fully recognized as works of art. Any artistic piece needs various components in order…

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  • The Importance Of Government Funding For The Arts

    comes to education, and what should generally be taught in schools, fine arts classes are consistently on the outermost rim of the educational spectrum. It is either the last to be added, or the first to be dropped in times of budget shortages or altered priorities. Many people believe that government funding of the arts is unnecessary and that funds could be directed elsewhere. Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts has long been a source of political controversy. In recent years…

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  • The Safe, And Running Out Of Music By Constance Squires

    In “The Safe” by Tim Gautreaux and “Running out of Music” by Constance Squires, both authors demonstrate the power of connection utilizing symbols, conflict and characterization. The sewing machine in “The Safe” and the records in “Running out of Music” both illustrate unification through art. Art, an expression of human imagination, can connect people by conveying certain emotions, such as awe, in individuals. Comparably, the gold plated, sewing machine also transmits similar emotions. After…

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  • John Dooland Music Analysis

    The act of interpreting music boils down to a subjective standpoint. Multiple people may listen to the same musical work and interpret the tone, mood, and theme of the work in different terms. Typically, authors knew what kind of emotions they wanted to evoke in their listeners. However, without leaving a strict manuscript for his listeners, John Dowland allows for his audience to categorize the genre that his works fall under. By leaving room for interpretation, “Sting,” an English musician and…

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  • Art Observation Report

    In addition, art is liberating more than mystifying because when I went to the art museum in Washington D.C, the National Gallery of Art. Going into the East building where the modern art was located, seeing the huge space and objects that were in the museum was relaxing. I went to the museum with my parents and they were just looking around the art pieces in the museum as I did and enjoying their time in the museum. As we all looked to the art pieces, we observed and had our own interpretation…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Arts Be Allowed In School?

    Scott Adams once said, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Throughout the life of mankind, there’s always been a form of some type of art. In the beginning, cave men and ancient Egyptians drew hieroglyphics to tell stories and important events. In ancient Greece, when the Western Expansion started, they would use dram to spread the beliefs of Christianity, which is one of the largest populated religion today. Many Native American tribes would do…

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  • The Dance Sianto Analysis

    Art throughout history has been a powerful instrument for people to express their emotions. It also serves an important role as to the way events are documented in history. Art is particularly powerful due to the many forms that it can be created in. There are many forms of art, which include poetry, music, books and theater. These various forms of art have the capability to capture the emotion of an event and provide the audience with the ability to understand what the artist felt at that time.…

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  • Dead Visual Art Analysis

    Art can be interpreted and demonstrated in a different variety of ways. Whether it is through dance, theater, music, or visual art individuals who incorporate art in their lives express their own feelings, ideas, and creativity. Being able to explore the four different stages of art was a great and remembering experience because one was able to see and explore the creative expression of the individuals who were part of the performance. In general, the Day of the dead visual art altars engaged…

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