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  • Marcoux Empire Shackles And Hides Summary

    origins of the Cherokee settling in the area can only be hypothesized since data recovery is limited at older sites and there are usually no historical documents to support archaeological theories. In Pox, Empire, Shackles, and Hides, Marcoux centers his research on the Townsend Site in Tennessee that holds three archaeological excavation sites. Marcoux wisely does not rely only the data collected at the sites, but also utilizes historical documentation of oral and eye witness accounts. In doing…

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  • Summary: The American Indian Human Rights Movement

    and discussions. The Government should put effort to end current conflict between the anthropologist and American Indians before ownership is resolved. It should educate tribal groups in order to explain to them what they should expect during archaeological surveys (The U.S. Congress, 1990; McManamon,…

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  • Zooarchaeological Analysis

    methods they used to process and cook meat can be extrapolated. However, before discussing the results of this type of analysis, it is important to address certain pitfalls associated with the zooarchaeological record, and the archaeological record in general. The archaeological record is, by nature, incomplete. The cultural material that archaeologists study are but a fraction of what was first deposited. In the zooarchaeological record, taphonomic processes (i.e. carnivore gnawing)…

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  • DNA Limitations

    remains in archaeological research using two case studies. The first case study focuses on the potentials and limitations of the extraction of Mycobacterium Bovis from DNA to further understand the pathological history of societies in Southern Siberia. The second case study looks into the successful reconstruction of DNA sequences from Neanderthal fossil remains and the limitations that appeared during its study. DNA analysis has made a historical impact to the processes of Archaeological…

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  • Early Intermediate Period: Mosely Vs. Malpass

    environmental changes while Malpass emphasizes sociopolitical forces. As they describe the changing cultural forces of the era, Moseley utilizes a straightforward voice and often mentions specific dimensions and other numerical data pertaining to archaeological sites to support his arguments, while Malpass uses a slightly more conversational tone and often cites the work, theories, and data of other archaeologists and authors throughout his discussions of the Early Intermediate Period. Mosely’s…

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  • Mother Culture Model

    concerns how and when civilization initially ascended in Mesoamerica – much of modern day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador (Blomster et al. 2005). Approximately 3000 years ago, Mexico’s Gulf Coast was inhabited by the Olmec – an archaeological culture that differs from a conventional culture as it is a classification term used to describe consistently reoccurring material culture and is not a coherent population (Backes et al. 2012; Blomster et al. 2005; Cheetham et al. 2009;…

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  • Roman Architecture Research Paper

    of four sections, unlike the other Greek temples. It consists of only three sections. The sections of the Temple of the Pantheon are: - The first section, which is the entrance of pronaos and has a small depth, preceded by a gallery on 6 columns of the periodic style. - The middle and sacred section is called CELLE or NAOS. This section is located just behind the entrance. The third section is called PARTHENON, and from there comes the name of the temple. - The fourth and final section is…

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  • Female Gladiators Analysis

    The author, Steven Murray, does this by citing written and archaeological evidence found by scholars and classicists alike. He further tells of the daily lives of both gladiators in general and the public reaction of female gladiators and the women that took up the position. Finally, Murray goes on to discuss whether…

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  • Synthesis Essay: Nebuchadnezzar

    Through an investigation of the hermeneutical and archeological evidence available, Yamauchi argues that there is little reason to doubt that Daniel should be attributed to the sixth century B.C. Archaeological Background The main idea of this article is to reason that the available archaeological evidence testifies to a sixth century dating of the book of Daniel. First, Yamauchi explores the considerations given to Nebuchadnezzar. Here, the author brings into question the idea of the…

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  • Balenciag Shaping Fashion Analysis

    Before the war, his garments was dreamed by the doomed heroines of Remarque's novels, after the war he dressed the richest women of the Old and New Worlds. At the end of May 2017, for the first time in the UK, the London Museum of Victoria and Albert opened a large-scale exhibition - a retrospective of the heritage of the Spanish couturier: “Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion.’. The project is timed to the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first studio Balenciaga in Spanish San Sebastian and the…

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