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  • Diversity In A Homeless Society

    Homelessness, we witness people that are experiencing it everywhere. It does not matter whether it is a third world country or a first world country, unfortunately all countries are having to deal with homelessness. Both adult and children are having to live with this terrible way of life. When somebody is homeless they do not have a permanent residency, they unfortunately do not have a safe place or somewhere to call home. People have to turn to being homeless for an assortment of reasons,…

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  • Prevention Of Homelessness

    Homelessness is a very complex issue because not only does it affect the lives of individuals, but it also impacts the country itself. America as a whole would benefit considerably if homelessness rates decreased. The results of this would be positive social, political, and even scientific changes. There are many causes for homelessness and consequently, there are many ways to prevent homelessness. By ending the stigma against the homeless and improving homeless programs, the United States will…

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  • Becoming An Obstetrician/Gynecologist Essay

    There were multiple factors that contributed into my choice of career. I am working towards becoming an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. The first reason why I chose my career, because I am interested in the female body. Secondly, I am in love with newborns. Furthermore, there will be plenty of surgeries. Time is also one of the factors. Finally, there were personal reasons. The fact that the female body functions in many ways men can’t is amazing. For example, women can produce another human being.…

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  • Reflection: My First Preceptored Clinical On Labour And Delivery

    five PM shift on L&D and most of the times were crazy busy. I believe I had attend in more than ten deliveries and observed two cesarean sections. The very first shift on L&D was very busy, we had an emergency 32 weeks premature twin vaginal delivery at 0100 in the operating room that was supposed to be either inducing in the next morning or a cesarean section during the night if something went wrong.…

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  • The Liberty To Feed The Poor Analysis

    “The Liberty to Feed the Poor” – Published- April 21, 2015 The article “The Liberty to Feed the Poor”, discuss feeding the homeless and how some cities across the United States are handing out citations and arresting citizens who are helping the homeless by feeding them. One citizen in San Antonio, Chef Joan Cheever, received a $2,000 citation for feeding the homeless lacking a permit to pass out free food. A 90 year-old veteran had been arrested in Fort Lauderdale for feeding the homeless in…

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  • Pros Of Being Homeless

    A recent drive around Phoenix for me, made me realize the number of homeless people panhandling for money on street corners. At some point during a calendar year in the Untired States, 1.5 million are homeless looking for a place to sleep and food to eat (Katel). Of this 1.5 million, 80 percent or around 1.2 million are considered transitionally homeless, meaning that they have had a run of bad luck and are homeless for a short amount of time, usually around a couple months. Imagine if instead…

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  • Homelessness: The Problem Of Being Homeless

    Homelessness describes the situation of an individual or family without secure, permanent, appropriate housing, or the immediate prospect, means and ability of acquiring it, which is the result of societal or systematic barriers, a lack of affordable housing, the individual/household’s financial, rational, emotional, behavioral or physical challenges, and/or racism and inequity. The experience of being homeless is generally gloomy, undesirable, stressful and frightening. Some news has arisen…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Problem Of Homelessness In America

    " There is a lot that happens around the world that we cannot control. We cannot stop earthquakes we cannot prevent droughts and we cannot prevent all conflicts, but when we know where the hungry, the homeless, and the sick exist, that we can help. " - Jan Schakowsky. She was an Illinois Politician. She pushed strongly to make a change in numbers. She recognized the problem and wants to make a change, much like me, in the homeless rate in Chicago. 100 million people around the…

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  • Homeless Census Reflection Journal

    Homeless Census Reflection Journal I participated in the Homeless Census on Wednesday, January 27, 2016, which took place at a homeless shelter called the Mission at Kern County. I was assigned to interview homeless people at the mission. I interviewed eight people, and all of them were males between the ages of 37 to 64. Most of the people that I interviewed were homeless for several years (highest 22 years). Approximately half of them were born in the Bakersfield area. Also, most of them were…

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  • Community Crossroads Center Reflection

    positive, and leaves me optimistic about the field of social work. I firmly concur with the safety precautions, and requirements of both the staff and homeless individuals. The division between male, and female dwellers alongside having a family section creates a secure environment for all participants. My preconceptions of funding regarding homeless shelters being well provided for by the government in conjunction with donations was a complete falsehood. The Community Crossroads Center, in…

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