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  • How Is Technology Used In The Classroom

    Technology Use in the Classroom Today, students are remarkably tech savvy and create and consume large amounts of media. In contrast to these students, teachers and principals are often unaware of what goes on in the students’ digital world and are often afraid to engage with it. This gap has created a shift of power in schools allowing students to be the experts of technology. Many educators fear change and the release of power that comes with the use of technology. With the invention of…

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  • Christopher Columbus: Person Of Interest At The Age Of Discovery

    Christopher Columbus and His Travels Introduction/Background Information In the 1400s and 1500s, the leaders of a couple of European nations engaged in sponsoring abroad expeditions hoping that the explorers would come across great and plentiful undiscovered wealth, as well as lands. The Portuguese were the pioneers in this period commonly referred to as the “Age of Discovery.” In fact, from around 1420, their caravels or small ships were patrons of the African coast, ferrying slaves, gold,…

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  • Flannery O Connor's Short Stories

    To best apprehend the significance behind Flannery O’Connor’s short stories it is essential to first recognize Flannery O’Connor as an individual. Flannery O’Connor was raised in Savannah, Georgia predominantly by her mother since her father passed away from lupus during her early teen years. O’Connor attended numerous religious schools throughout grade school and had a robust religious background. O’Connor graduated from Georgia State College for Women with a bachelors’ degree in the Arts of…

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  • Parliamentary Democracy

    The majority of the countries in Europe have a Parliamentary system in which they have cabinet which is led by the Prime minister and there is the Head of state which can be a President or the respective monarch if the country is a symbolic monarchy. Especially the function of the President is rather vague as it depends on the state. If the monarch is the head of state, the power is often limited in order to limit the unequal influence of the monarch. This differs with the President as he might…

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  • The House Of Bernarda Alba Analysis

    Lorca’s last play, which was completed on 19 June 1936, two months before he was murdered, during the Spanish Civil War. The play was first performed in 1945. The play is focused on the events happening during a period of mourning in a house in Andalusia. Bernarda Alba (aged sixty) wields total control over her five daughters. The House of Bernarda Alba is a played exclusively of women, in…

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  • Mahmoud Darwish Analysis

    1 Abstract: This paper seeks to explore the function of interdisciplinarity between Poetry and Mythology in the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish’ “The Phases of Anat” and how myth is employed to serve cultural and resistance purposes by means of creating and ascertaining identity through proposing and documenting a new version of the subaltern history that have been marginalized for decades in view of the capabilities of their powerful occupiers at all levels. to serve supporting his…

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