The Alchemist Character Analysis

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A young boy riding a camel with the caravan, hoping to across the Sahara Desert in search of his Personal Legends. This image gives a concise and precise description of the theme in the book "Alchemist". The Alchemist is a book Written by Paulo Coelho that elaborates the journey of a young shepherd named Santiago, who decides to give up all his possessions and travel to the Pyramids in Egypt in search of treasure after his magical dream. Through his adventure, he was able to experience about love, danger, and also got a more profound understanding of both the world and himself. Although it seems like Santiago is the chief character who dominate the plot, there are a few female characters he met along the way that play significant roles in supporting …show more content…
Right at the moment when he had the first glimpse with this lady, Santiago fell in love with her and almost decided to stay in the oasis forever and taken her as the treasure. "One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving." (Coelho 126) For Santiago, Fatima is an omen he had sought to find with all his life and through their encounter he realizes he had loved her before he even knew she existed. Just like a predestination, they were meant to be together and they both play a major role each other's life story. As a woman of the desert, Fatima fully support Santiago's pursuit of his personal legends and is willing to let him go and waiting for him. "I'm part of your dream, a part of your Personal Legend, that's why I want you to continue toward your goal. " (Coelho 100) Always being so loving and supportive, Fatima deeply believes that their love wouldn't change because of time and distance, just like the desert wouldn't change by the wind. Although they are loath to part from each other, she still urges Santiago to leave her in search of his dream. The woman of the desert undertakes a significant role both in the development of Santiago's character as well as shaping the whole story. Her selfless dedication lets Santiago learn that true love cannot be forced and cannot be changed. Her presence speaks volumes about the power and mission of both

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