The Importance Of Dreams In The Alchemist

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The novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, is known for one of the top ten best books in the twentieth century. It is known as the top ten best book because of the lessons that happen throughout the novel. There are many times where many people go through journeys/obstacles and learn many things out of them, such as life lessons. The novel,The Alchemist, is about a young boy named Santiago that lives in Spain. The young boy has a dream to go to Egypt to discover his true destiny, which is a treasure. He once dreamed about Pyramids that lead him to his treasure. Throughout that journey he met many people. Out of every person Santiago met he learned something that made him realize things. Every lesson that he learned he already knew that for …show more content…
People should always follow their dreams because they never know what would be the outcome of that dream, even through the struggles. Reaching a dream can go through many steps. For example, in the novel there was plenty of times when Santiago wanted to give up. He went all the way through his journey and at the end everything came together. When he finally realized that he had found his personal legend, he realized that everything he went through was worth it. That’s why people should always follow their dreams without the intentions of giving up. Sometimes people don’t chase their dreams because they do tend to give up. Some give up for many reasons and a reason can be that they are scared of failure. People should know what it is that they want in life and do everything in their power to get what they want. Another reason why this lesson takes place is because while he was working with the crystal merchant he wanted to earn all money in order to go back home. However, he remembered the king’s words and the merchant convinced him to do so too. He made the decision to continue on towards his treasure. Being sure of what people want in their life is something very important. If people aren’t aware of what they want then it can take them forever to come up with an answer for themselves. It’s best that people know want they want and do anything in their power to achieve that goal. People sometimes are scared of failure or he outcome that will come out of it, but there’s a chance that one’s life can change for the better. It’s about moving forward and chasing goals, because in the end, that’s the purpose of

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