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  • Santiago In The Alchemist

    hidden treasure. He learns about his Personal Legend, and leaves behind his comfortable life to journey towards the Pyramids. During his adventure, he meets several people that will not only change his way of thinking, but his life as well. Set in Andalusia, Spain, Santiago travels across the land as a shepherd with a herd of sheep. He stops to spend a night in an abandoned church in the desert, with a sycamore tree growing inside. Santiago is later woken up by a repeated dream that involves a…

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  • The Alchemist Character Analysis

    A young boy riding a camel with the caravan, hoping to across the Sahara Desert in search of his Personal Legends. This image gives a concise and precise description of the theme in the book "Alchemist". The Alchemist is a book Written by Paulo Coelho that elaborates the journey of a young shepherd named Santiago, who decides to give up all his possessions and travel to the Pyramids in Egypt in search of treasure after his magical dream. Through his adventure, he was able to experience about…

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  • White Wine Essay

    and remarkable aroma, deep color and residual sugar. • Sauternes – one of the longest-live wines, is characterized by its distinct sweetness and zest of acidity. Some of its common flavors are honey, apricots and honey. • Sherry – originally from Andalusia, Spain can product various styles ranging from light version to white table white to darker and heavier versions. The primary components of Sherry are Pedro Ximenez and Palamino. Two types of Sherry are Oloroso which is characterized by a dry…

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  • Latin American Skin Color

    A Character Guide of Skin Colour in Colonial and Post-Colonial Latin America Through interactions that predate the colonial experience for the people of Latin America, a system of power had already been established that brought with it a way of thinking that defined and shaped both institutions and the internalized understandings of “race” and the perceived value of character that came with skin colour. Furthermore, what it meant to be ‘black’ or ‘Indian’ in Latin America meant having entire…

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  • How Did Flannery O Connor Affect Her Writing

    Flannery O’Connor Flannery O’Connor is an astonishing author, who wrote and published two novels and over thirty short stories. She may not have lived long, but she was dedicated to fulfilling her passion for writing and became established as one of America’s most distinguished authors. Throughout her career, O’Connor used her life experiences as the basis of her writing. Growing up in the Antebellum Period and her strong Catholic beliefs both influenced Flannery O’Connor’s writing. The…

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  • Bullfighters In Spanish Bullfighting

    The bullfight, as it is rehearsed today, includes proficient toreros (of whom the most senior, who really kills the bull, is known as a bullfighter) who execute different formal moves which have an importance, or if nothing else a name, as indicated by the matador's style or school. It has been asserted that toreros look to evoke motivation and craftsmanship from their work and an enthusiastic association with the group transmitted through the bull. The nearby closeness puts the matador at some…

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  • The Alchemist Journey

    As we begin to commence on our quest towards college to achieve our Personal Legend, we will all experience a number of journeys along the way that we must battle in order to reach our final destination. College tours, The Common Application, and the well-known yet essential college essay are all mini journeys that are vital in order to reach the end of our quest. Although, this is not the same path that Santiago took in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, however, he must also overcome excursions…

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  • How Did Ibn Battuta Affect America

    Ibn Battuta’s travels and their impact on history In 1325, after the Crusades, a young Moroccan Muslim called Ibn Battuta, set out on the necessary pilgrimage to Makka. It was to become an odyssey from one unknown world to another. Shams Al-Din Abou Abdallah Muhammed Ibn Abdallah Ibn Muhammed Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf Al-Alawati Al-Tanji Ibn Battuta Ibn Hamid Al-Ghazi (Ibn Battuta) was born in Tangier in the north of Morocco in 1304, during the ruling time of the…

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  • Rebecca Earle's The Body Of The Conquistador

    air. A sudden change in either could cause fatal illness. Travel to the new world as well as eating maize could by their idea of the humoral body be fatal. An example that is given by Earle is the story of Jeronimo de Aguilar. Aguilar was born in Andalusia and travelled to the Indies. In 1511 he sailed to Panama towards Santo Domingo when his ship was caught in a storm and he shipwrecked off of the Yucatan Peninsula. Local Maya Indians, with whom Aguilar lived until 1519, captured him after his…

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  • The Crusades Persuasive Essay

    Poor nutrition, plagues, sexism, and social classes: these are only four of the prices of civilization that we, along with our ancestors, have faced. War is another major source of destruction, but also cooperation or even the creation of a new identity. War has the power to “make or break” a civilization, completely changing the course of history. No historian can ignore wars due to their influence. Merely one example of these influential wars are the Crusades. So, what is a Crusade? Depending…

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