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  • The Main Effect Of Self-Esteem

    Participants There were 90 participants (49 women and 41 men) in this study ranging in age. Participants were asked to take part in a study to test their cognitive reasoning ability. Procedure Participants were asked to complete a total of two surveys and an anagram task. In the first survey, participants were asked to answer ten questions that measured their global feelings about themselves. Participants were then randomly assigned to complete either an “easy” or “difficult” anagram task. They were given five minutes to complete as many of the twenty listed anagrams as possible. Finally, participants were asked to complete a second survey in which they reported how many anagrams they completed and their mood directly following the completion…

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  • Color And Anagram Analysis

    This affects how we solve the anagram due to our individual differences to the visual stimuli presented at the time of performing the specific task. This alters our performance as priming manipulation is used. Priming manipulations are used to increase the mental representations without necessarily letting the participant know to achieve neutral behavior and results of the experiment (Jefferis, & Fazio, 2008). This type of manipulation works as the participant is unaware of how they will later…

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  • Red Color Association Experiment

    We provided participants with one of three surveys, each of which contained identical anagrams, but were written in different colors. Individuals were given surveys with either red, black, or green instructions. Because of its attribution to negative connotations, instructions in red are hypothesized to hinder the performer’s ability to solve the anagram. This means participants will correctly unscramble fewer words within the time limit when presented with a red inked survey. We also predicted…

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  • Cognitive Task Performance

    The present study explores the interaction between anxiety-inducing stimuli and cognitive task performance. (#) college-aged, participants were randomly assigned to one of four groups, one with a visual timer, an auditory timer, both, or a control group with no timer. Participants were instructed to complete 30 anagrams in five minutes. It was predicted that the auditory and visual timers would significantly impair cognitive performance and the participants in the experimental groups would…

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  • Essay On Color Priming

    This functions works as we are unaware of the alterations being portrayed in our mind and we are unaware of the visual effect going on. For example when using familiar type face for the anagram participants stated it was easier to rearrange the words while participants using unfamiliar type face frequently remarked that letters were difficult to recognize (Witte, Freund, & Csiki, 2002). When trying to solve an anagram participants usually perform better when given the usual materials such as…

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  • Forms Of Motivation

    The study was conducted by allowing the participants five minutes to complete as many anagrams as possible. After completing the anagrams the participants were instructed to fill out a demographic sheet, and a Situational Motivation Scale (SIMS), which tested for the motivation for a given task. SIMS tests for amotivation, intrinsic motivation, identified regulation, and external regulation, on a seven point scale, where 1 = not relevant to participant, and 7 = precisely relevant to the…

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  • Cognitive Model Of Depression

    detail. There are two parts of the experiment- one for humans and one for animals, or in this case, a dog. For the dog, the scientists strapped its paws to the floor and exposed it to non-lethal electric shocks, which we will refer to as the uncontrollable aversive stimuli. At first, the animal tries to escape, but it fails, and it soon learns that the uncontrollable aversive stimulus is uncontrollable. When a means of escape is made available, via a door, and unstrap the dog, it does not try to…

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  • Color Priming Effect Essay

    The first hypothesis was that participants, given Red will perform worse on the anagram task than those given green or black ink instruction. From the literature above, we can conclude that red color undermines anagram performance contrary to color green or black. This is well, aligned with our first hypothesis. The second hypothesis was that participants were given red ink will find anagram task more challenging for themselves and will find it more frustrating. As we have seen from the…

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  • Comparing Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet, Macbeth, And Hamlet

    are would be written by Shakespeare (Wheeler 4). Here’s the hardest part to swallow: De Vere died in 1604 (Nickell 4). Shakespeare was still turning out plays after that date. Even if De Vere had a cache of plays to give to Shakespeare, The Tempest was probably based off of a 1609 Bahamas ship crash. The other two candidates make no sense. Some people claim Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. They point to an anagram in the play that spelled, Fr. Baconi Nati, born from Francis Bacon…

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  • Fear Of Success Test Review

    clear instructions for the participants. G. There is criterion-related validity in the FOSS because it was positively correlated with Horner’s projective measure of success and negatively related to Mehrabian’s measure of achievement motivation (Zuckerman & Allison, 1976). Both measures are relevant in the construct of the FOSS test. The behaviors that were being tested in these measurements were related in the the testing universe. Using the concurrent method, the FOSS was given to a sample…

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