Essay On Color Priming

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Colors are everywhere in an individual’s perceptual experience as they are part of our everyday life and are always present. They are seen in objects, the environment, and on people as they enhance the depth of color and influence human behavior. An example of this can be seen when we are selecting food in the supermarket as the use of color influences our choices. If we see something labeled in green we correlate it to be more positive whereas if we see something labeled in red we correlate it to be more negative. Every time an individual forms a specific prime in regards to color it has a direct influence on their behavior. This affects them without them necessarily knowing it has altered their conscious awareness (Elliot, Maier, Binser, Friedman, & Pekrun, 2009). This effect doesn’t allow for an individual to be aware of what effects color priming actually has on them and the specific factor that contributed to such effect. To clarify, red has been contributed to a …show more content…
This functions works as we are unaware of the alterations being portrayed in our mind and we are unaware of the visual effect going on. For example when using familiar type face for the anagram participants stated it was easier to rearrange the words while participants using unfamiliar type face frequently remarked that letters were difficult to recognize (Witte, Freund, & Csiki, 2002). When trying to solve an anagram participants usually perform better when given the usual materials such as paper and pencil but when this is changed to unfamiliar situation it creates performance anxiety. Therefore, situations that are within the participants comfort zone can better assist them in

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