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  • Essay On Linus Pauling

    Linus Carl Pauling, an American chemist and biochemist, was many things including an peace activist, educator, and author. Pauling was born on February 28th,1901 in Portland, Oregon to Herman and Lucy Pauling. His father was a pharmacist and his mother was the daughter of one. After his birth the Pauling family moved to Condon, a nearby town. As a child, Linus was a very bright kid. Unfortunately, soon Pauling lost his father to ulcer and as a result of that, his family, which included of him,…

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  • Bee's Hair Case Study

    which contain cysteine, and cysteine has thiol. The more tightly coiled the hair filament is, the stronger the two-chain coil is. Keratin is made up of cells, intermerdiate filament, protofibril, protofilament, coil, and the helix. The cross sections is defined by the alpha keratins and richer amino acids: Ala, Val, Leu, Ile, Met, & Phe. The Disulfide link…

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  • Anti Freeze Research Paper

    form is only present during the production of the protein, it will not be investigated in depth. Secondary structure in the 1WFB protein is peculiar – it contains no regular helices. Rather, it consists of one Coil which does not fit any specific helix classification. This coil encompasses the entire length of the protein except the final position…

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  • Protein Structure Essay

    PROTEIN STRUCTURE Proteins are polymers which is set up by 19 different α-amino acids and one imino acid (Proline) linked by amida bond or peptide bond. A protein usually contain amino acid residues, covalently linked, which spontaneously form a three-dimensional structure, based on the self-recognition of its respective sequence. Covalent bonds (peptide and disulfide), hydrogen bonds, electrostatic interactions, hydrophobic interactions, and weak, nonspecific attractive and repulsive forces are…

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  • Optimum Temperature Of Amylase

    1. Our experiment supported our hypothesis. The optimal temperature for the activity of the human amylase is 37°C. This suggest that enzymes have to adapt to the temperature of the organisms in order to develop work because the normal temperature of human is 37°C. It is important to understand that the enzyme amylase play a role to breakdown, so other enzymes can produce sugar of it. In humans, it is critical to develop work at human’s temperature to continue developing break down the molecules…

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  • Bacteriorhodopsin Experiment

    Bacteriorhodopsin. They discovered 3 identical units rotated by 120o. Each unit has seven closely packed alpha helical segments, with each alpha helix containing 20-25 predominantly hydrophobic residues with one covalently attached retinal molecule. (White, 1994). The seven transmembrane α-helices are typical of all G-protein coupled receptors. (Lanyi, 1998) The retinal molecule is covalently attached to Lys-216 on helix G by a protonated Schiff base. The location and positioning of the retinal…

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  • Proteins: Large, Complex Macromolecules In Organisms

    protein. First is the primary structure, which is just amino acids linked together with peptide bonds. Next is the secondary structure, the specific geometric shape caused by intermolecular hydrogen bonding of amide groups. These may show in two shapes: alpha helices or beta-sheets. Finally, the protein displays as a fully functional 3-dimensional being in the tertiary structure. Protein Synthesis Numerous steps are taken in protein synthesis. The process begins when one…

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  • Egg White Lab Results

    Title: How Temperature Affects Protein Detection In Eggs Whites Introduction: Research Objective and Hypothesis The objective of this experiment is to gain a better understanding on how temperature affects how much protein is detected. Understanding how temperature affects the detection of protein can be used to more accurately measure the amount of protein in foods and supplements needed for life. This knowledge can benefit nutritionists and the general population. Hypothesis: If the egg…

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  • The Importance Of Protein Structure Prediction

    Abstract : Proteins are vital components of all living cells and play a critical role in almost all biological processes. Protein structure identification is a significant challenging problem in computational biology. The Protein 's three-dimensional molecular structure (i.e., tertiary structure) reflects its proper function. Therefore, the identification of protein structure is a significant step towards understanding the protein 's function which is an important task to treat diseases,…

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  • Three Elements Of Carbohydrates: Glycogen, And Protein

    The structure of a protein is made of three-dimensional protein molecules. The first level is made of a linear arrangement of amino acids that creates the peptide chain. The second level is the hydrogen bonds that creates the pleated sheet or alpha helix, which is a coiled or spiral molecule (Mandal 65). The last level describes the overall structure of proteins, which are thin and…

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