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  • D. Degree Application Essay

    they communicate their findings. From this moment on I knew that I really wanted to go to college and choose a career in a human health related area of study, where I could contribute to the wellbeing of patients. I feel confident that my college background as well as past and current work experiences has prepared me to pursue a pharmacy degree. While being an undergraduate I participated in four intern positions, two at the University of Puerto Rico- Aguadilla Campus, one at The University of Iowa and my latest one at The Ohio State University. While in Aguadilla under the supervision of Dr. De Jesus I exposed myself to my first research project, in which our main goal focused on the screening of phenolic compounds from a plant called Alpinia zerumbet. These are potent pharmaceutical candidates for future drug development that could treat different human complications such as high blood pressure and even cancer. My second research experience was at The University of Iowa in the Pharmacology Department and worked under the guidance of Dr. Chen, this new experience provided me with the necessary tools to be able to conduct a research more oriented to pharmacy. The project followed a similar trend than my previous one, however it focused more on molecular and pharmacokinetics in which drugs, not currently used for breast cancer treatment, were tested in vitro at different concentrations in order to determine yield and effectiveness for tumor cell death. After completion of this…

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  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper Research Paper

    Topical hemostatic agents are now frequently used in surgical and trauma sites. Ankaferd blood stopper (ABS) is a hemostatic agent composed of plant extracts, specifically Urtica dioca (0.06 mg/ml),Vitis vinifera (0.08 mg/ml), Glycyrrhiza glabra (0.07 mg/ml), Alpinia vinifera officinarum (0.07 mg/ml) and Thymus vulgaris (0.05 mg/ml). Each of these constituents has some effect on the endothelium, blood cells, angiogenesis, cellular proliferations, vascular dynamics, and cell mediators [12].…

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  • Pratinidhi Case Study

    herbs is the need of the hour with more than 300 medicinal plants becoming red listed. The necessity of herbal drug substitution with appropriate examples has been discussed by various workers (Sarin, 1996; Mishra et al., 2002; Shasthri et al., 2005). According to them, substitution of herbal drugs should be made by taking into account of the following facts, 1. Difficulty in the identification of the drug: For the herb ‘Lakshmana’ different species such as Ipomoea sepiaria, Arlia quinquefolia,…

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