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  • Personal Narrative: Desolation

    “Alright Jacob, Thanks for helping me out today,” “No Problem Dad.” After we got done giving him goodbye hugs, he left. This time, Surprisingly, wasn’t upset at all, the hole in my stomach was filled and everything was fine, crazily, I wasn’t sad or upset, I didn’t feel deserted this time. My attitude and thoughts were about the same before he left. I thought back on what we did that week and how we all helped him get ready to leave for work, we all made the most of him being with us, and not only that but he had a much shorter work period than last time. Nearly eight months later, I have learned and grown as a person a lot. Summer Break is over and I’m back in school. My dad still attends his work places and comes home soon after. We still talk…

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  • The Importance Of Problems In My Life

    helping all this people, my pain was going away. Their laughs and smiles were priceless, making me feel like if I was their hero. I know that it might sound crazy, but helping out people definitely made my day happier. I went to work to local hospitals, orphanages, and nursing home. If by any chance I were to be mad, or upset; when I got to help the children out, my mood would immediately change. In a few words, I can say that helping out people filled me. Finally, I realized that life is a…

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  • Analysis Of Alright, By Kendrick Lamar

    popular music artist including other pop artists such as Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Miers). Specifically, “Alright” is a powerful song (practice) made into a popular hit (product) by hip-hop and R&B radio stations (media) for all people, especially the African American community (audience). The song and live performance highlights the struggle of being a black male in a prejudice society. Most of the targeted males are a part of the lowbrow culture in which Kendrick can relate to and serves as…

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  • Analysis Of Kendrick Lamar's 'Alright'

    Kendrick Lamar 's "Alright" video/song touches on subjects that some rap and hip-hop artist have failed to talk about. Kendrick brings up the struggles of the black community like police brutality and discrimination. It is not only a message to others but also to himself. The message for the men, women, boys, and girls that are listening to Kendrick 's music reminding people of color what many have fought for and still are fighting for today. It is also a song to himself reminding him that as a…

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  • Analysis Of Alright By Kendrick Lamar

    these days tend to sample other authors work into their songs to add a greater purpose or meaning to their music. Although this technique is not used in a lot of genres and appears mostly in hip-hop music, forms of music sampling have been around since the late 1900’s. Artists like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar are known for sampling other artist’s music or speeches and incorporating them into their songs to enhance the message or theme that is trying to be presented. Kendrick Lamar uses a…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In 'The Kids Are Alright'

    The Kids are alright is an amazing movie to watch. It is about lesbian family that has two great kids. When those two children grown up they decided that they want to find their donor father. After they started to look for their father, the problems in their family start. When children found their donor father, he had changed them and made them look at themselves from different side. In the movie there are issues like women stereotypes, lesbian family, and parents do not understand kids.…

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  • The Kids Are Alright: Movie Analysis

    Lesbian Representation in The Kids Are Alright Sexual orientations portrayed in movies and on the screen try to resemble real life relationships. The only time they do show an exact image of a character’s orientation when it comes to someone who is heterosexual and not any homosexuals. In early productions before the 1950’s, characters who were usually gay, lesbian, or queer were not given a title of being homosexual, but instead were given certain traits. Gay characters were sissy and…

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  • The Kids Are Really Sort Of Alright Analysis

    In “The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright,” an article in The New York Magazine, Noreen Malone tries to explain the ways of the millennial generation to her audience. Malone uses tactics of showing the dialogue of instant messages about this generation. Malone gives statistics of how much this generation has changed in education, jobs, and self-esteem compared to other generations. Another way Malone shows how millennials differ from others is by getting quotes from millennials and comparing…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Are You Alright?

    “Are you alright?” my mother usually asks me that question whenever I get sick. Then she would touch my forehead and neck to check if I’m hot. She’d rush to our medicine cabinet and get the mercury thermometer, shakes it, and puts it in between my armpit. After two to three minutes, she’d get it and read what it says. “You’re sick, 39 degree Celsius” Mom said. Since then, I have asked my mother to teach me how to read the thermometer. Whenever there’s a family member who gets sick, it would be…

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  • Kendrick Lamar's Poem In The Rap River

    community and to the listeners of his music. He has a lot of different songs that focus around the idea of racism, police brutality, and equality. One of his most well known songs and one of the songs that focuses on racism is his song “Alright” of the album “To Pimp A Butterfly”. The music video to this song is what really tells the story to this song along with the very powerful poems at the beginning and end. Kendrick’s music video is a lot different than the song and goes a lot deeper than…

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